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-rr VVe ( ' V Life of ( k ff jtVl Mother 5 i "MOTflERS' FRIEND" È ; Robs confinement of its Pain, Horror and i Risk, as man; testify. C j u My wife used only two hottles. S ' Sho was easily and quickly relieved; is now doing splendidly.- J. S. MORTON, Harlow, N. C. i ' Sent hy expreas or mail, on reeeipt of prlce, J ÍII. per bnttle. Sold by all Drugs'' Book "To Motherg" malled free. X HIIADFIHI.I) UKGl'LATOR CO., Atlanta, Ga. Mort gage Sale on Foreclosure. NOT1CE IS HEREBV GIVEN THAT BV virtueof the power of salecontatned in certain fnclenture of mortgage, bearing ate the 16tli day of July lt74, uiade by Sainel Seney. then of the city and eounty of ack3on and state of Michigan, of the first art, to John S. Hurd, of the same plce. of ,he second irt, which said niorljjasre was riorded In the office of the Register of Deecis r Washtenaw oounty. Michisan, on the 17th ay of July, 1T4, in liber r2 of Mortuales on aj?e 20, and was thereafterby deed of ftssignlent, bearlng date the i:!th day of December, 883. duly assigned to L. C. Hurd and Frank L. mith, executors of the last will and testaïent of said John 8. Hurd, then deceased, to atton Morrlson, of the city and eounty of aekson and state of Michigan, which said ssifinment was duly recorded on the 18th day f January, 1S84, in the office of the Register f Deeds for Washtenaw eounty aforesaid, in iber 8 of AssiRtimentsof Mort sastes, on nae 84, which said mortgage was thereafter duly ssigneii by G. R. Byrne, exeoutor of the last will and testament of said Patton M rrlson, by deed of nsslgninent dated September 1. 893, and recorded in the Register's Oftice for aid Washtenaw eounty, in liber 11 of Assigument8 of Mortzagea at iare 452 on September 18M, the said power of sale of said monago having become operativo by reason of efault lm vlnsr been made 'n the coihIII'oiif said mortage. the same will be foreolosed y sale of the mortgaged premieea therein .epprlbed, or so much of tfiem as snall be necessary to satisfy the atnount due on caid mortgage at the date hereof, together with nterest, eosts and expenses of sale allowed jy law. The amount claimed to be due on aid mortgage at the date of this notiee is the urn of niiie thousaml eight hundred ninetyeven and 27-100 dollars. Said sale will be held ind made at the front door of the Court House in the City of Ann Arbor, iu said eounty of Washtenaw (that being tho place whtre he circuit court for said eounty is held) on be sixteenth day of Kebruary, I8I5, at eleven o'elock in the forenoon. The premisos so to be offered for sale are dlscribed in said mort ;aga as follows, to-wit: All those cer-tain piecesor pareéis of land sitúate in the town of Lima in tho eounty of Washtenaw and tateof Michigan, and described as follows. o-wit: The southwest i)iifirter of sectlon eventeen; the south tifty acres frora off tlie east half of the northeast quarter of section number niueteen, with the rlght of way; and the east half of the northwest quarter of section seventeen, and the southeast quarter of the southwest quarter of section number eiuht, all in town two south of range öur east. reserving f toni the first above dusciibed pleoe, one acre on the easterly part hereof. which lies south of the road- in all three hundred and t wenty-nlne acres of land. Dated. this 30th day of Nnvxmber. 1894. HARR1ET MüORlSON. Assis-'nee of Mortgage. BARKWORTH & BLAltt. Attorneys for Asalgnee. Commlssioners' Notice. riTATh. OH MICHIGAN. COUNTY OF 3 Washtkvaw. The utidcrsiffncd havinij beenapointed bv ihc PröbateCourt fot said Countv, , nissioners to receive, examine and adjtlSt all claim ind (Iemands of all persons atfainst the estáte 01 ( Fumes ' Sao, 'late ot said Countv, deceased, ïerebv Live notice tlial six inonths froin date al - owed, by order ot' said Probate Court, for creditors ;o present their claims Rfiratnst the etare of said de;eased. and that thevwill meetat the laterenirïeno ■ )t said deeessd, in the townshlp of Kodi. in lid County, on the 19th day of Februarvand on the Oth dav of May next. at ten o'clock a. M. of each if saiil davs, lo receive, examine and adjust said ;lanns. DHted, November 19. 14 ALKKKD MOOItE, rilII.IP BLUM, Jr., Conimissioners. Notice to Creditors. CTATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTÏ of U' Noticeis heruhy e;iven, thut by an order of the Probate Couit for the County of Wash;enw, made on the 30th day oí October. A. D. 1SW4, 3ix inonths from that date were allowed for creditors to present their claims aainst the estáte of Elizabeth Nortun. late of said county, deceased, and that all creditors of said deceased are required to present their claims to said ProbateCourt at the Probate office in the city of Ann Arbor, for examiDation and allowunce on or before the 3Uth itay of April next, and that sueh claims will be heard before sid Court, on the3üth dayof January aodon the 3Oth dayoi April next, at ten o clock in the forenoon of each of aaid days. Dated.Aun Arbor, October 30, A. D. lf94. J.Wir-LARD BABBITT. Judte of Probate. Estáte ot Ann Mulhennan. STATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTÍ of Washtenaw, S8. At a session of the Probate Court for the County of Washtenaw, holden at the Probate Office in the City of Ano Arbor, on Ft duy. the 9th day of November, in the year one thousand eight huudred and ninetyfour. Present. J. Willnrd Babbitt, Judge of Probate. In the matter ol the estáte ol Ann Mulhetman, deceased. Ou reading and flling the petitiou, duly verifle-i, of Juliu McCarty, praying that the adminis tration of said estáte ujay be gvanteíl to herself or 8ome other suitable person. Thereupon it is ordered that Monday, the lOth day of December ue.xt, at teu o'olock in the forenoon, be aaitfned for the hearing of said petition, and that the heirs at law of said deceised, and all other persons interested in .sid estáte, are required to appear at a Koasion of taid court, then tobe holden at the probate office, in lhecityof nn Arbor. nnd show cause. H'any th re be.why the prayer of the petitiouershould not be granted. And it is furtber ordered, that said petitioner give uotiee to the persons intracsted in said estáte, of the pendencv of said petition, and the hearing thereof by cansing a copy of this order to be iMiblished in the Ann Arbor Argus, a newspaper printed and ciiculated in said county, three suc cesMve weeks previous to said day c.f heari nir . J. WILLAKD BALUilTT, Judffe of Probate. (A truecopy.) William 0). Boty, Probate Register. A GRAini OFFKH! CDE8L MME.A. RUPPERT'S rllBX FACE 3 LE ACH fL MME. A. RUPPERT !. saya: "Inppiocíntethe i.iet Iffk tbat tlierü arj ?:jfiny thoufiiSfl sundaofla-diesinibcünited HY &tatesthatwmildlket try 3Jg my World-Henowned Face Wa. Bleaíh: but huve beeu Ay ePt írom di'íng so on &cgf.Lu per bottleor ;itüLilestikeu T-ík totber, 85.00. In order gjJEg tbat all of tbese in;i y b;tv. g anopiKrtunityt I willgive w' toevery caller, absolute! free. a sumpie bottle, an1 world.lwlllsend ttisafely packedin plain wrapper all charges prepald, f or 25 cents, sil ver or stamp." In every case cf freckle, p!mples.moth,-snllowness.blackheads.ncne.eceema.olliness.rouKh- ness, or any dlflcoloration ordiseaseof tbeskln, and wrinklea (nut caused by facial expressionj Facb Bi.each rprooves absohitcly. It does nol cover up, as cosmetica do, but ís a cure. Acldress MA1I.1MK A.. KUPPEKT,(lVpl.O.) No. 6 East I4th 8t., NEW YORK CITYVm A. MAC LACHjLAN, M. D. Diseaöes of the EYL, EAK, NO8E aud THROAT Office, cor. oí Main and Washington Streets. Repidence, 14 s. State Street. Eteaideno phone, No. 128. Office it-loplione No. 14. Hours: 1O a. m. to 12 and 1 to 5 p. m.


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