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Holmes "spouts" A Mortgage

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"Kate Durkee" was the name signed to a mortgage on some real estáte oí considerable valué. The mortgago was turned over to Mr. Chamberlain for the benefit of crecütors. So far, all seemed fair, but a clerical error was found in the document - lelievod to have been purposely inserted - and Holmes asked to have it rcturned or correction. The mortgage was returiied and never socn ngain. At this time the lisses Williams had disappeared, and when a search for the giver of the mortgage friled to disclose any such porson the reditors became suspicious, and at the econd meeting above reíerred to Holmas vas questioned and his answers taken own ín ghorthaud. ín ansvvcr to suspicions expressed by ihose present that these people were íyths, Holmes gave references. As to linnie Williams he referred to Isaac R. litt, Isaac R. Hitt, Jr., and Willis B íitt. Also to "a party at 150 Lakestreet, who Is manager of Che Reven; Rubber ompiuiy." As to Kate Durfce he gave our reforonceü ro peoplo whaso ñames annot now bu discoscd luvestigiition hovvod tiat theso peoplo had met ;i dark roman, "wnn liad been tntroduced as liss Katc Durfce." but did ant knoiv hor ersooally Benjamin W. Pitzul, who, uccording to lolmt's cönfession, was i patty to bhe onsiiiracy to defraud the Fideüty Mutual tjsuraBoe company, of Philadelphla, ts vcli known to tho Pinkerton Detective geney and in their records is deactibed as ollows: "Benjamin F. Pitzel, alias lobert Joños; oceupation, patent rlght; riminal oceupation, forger; age, üS; boru i Illinois; can read; can write; marrled; Ig'ht, 5feet 8} inches; build, medium; eiprht, lob; hair, black; beard, ltght, tndy; mustachc, sandy; eyes, gray; rom)lcxion, fair; crime, forgery; claims to ive at Eighty-ninth and Carpenter treets, Chicago, Ills. Released on bonds n forgery charge at Terre Haute, Ind."