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A "how D'y Do?" With Mr. Howe

A "how D'y Do?" With Mr. Howe image
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The Argus, Thursday morning received a pleasant cali from Mr. E. Everett Howe, author of the new but already popular novel published by the Arena publishing company, of Boston, entitled, "Chonicles of the Break o' Day". Mr. Howe is a young man of strong physique and healthy complexion, and combines the vigor of body and mind, in a manner that is refreshing. He is not one of the callow, long-haired, "countenance sicklied o'er" degenerates, who have done all they could to cast off God's image, but a strong, ruddy specimen of physical and mental good health. Mr. Howe is also seized of another good fortune, in that he has escaped the malady so common to young authors - the "swell head". He may well be proud of the favor with which his book has been received, but he is modest and makes no exhibition of vanity. He is a bright, entertaining conversationalist and a gentleman whom it is a pleasure to meet.


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