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The Argus has received "with compliments of President AngelĂ­" the report of the President of the Michigan University, to the board of regents, for the year ending September 30. In commenting upon the various departments of the University, President AngelĂ­, in touching upon the complicated ailment of the Homeopathie branch of the medical department, says: "The Homeopathie medical college has had a trying year. Unfounded alarms of some of the profession concerning the plans of the regents and the faculty for the conduct of the college, and criticisms of professors which certain praccitioners allow themselves to indulge in, have obviously diverted students to other medical schools, and especially to those which have much briefer courses and less stringent requirements for admission. The regents have tried for nearly twenty years in good jaith to administer this college with efficiency, and have always found one of the chief obstacles to success in the hypercritical spirit of certain members of the homeopathie profession. Whether it is possible for the board to establish a policy and appoint a faculty which the homeopathie physicians can unite in approving, is a question which in the light of experience is not easy to answer. Meantime the board must continue to use its best judgment in deciding how to accomplish the object for which the school was founded, the thorough education of physicians."


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