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The following is from the office of the St. Louis, Mo. , Electric Light Company, under date of December 18: Editor Ann Arbor Arjcus: Dear Sir: Thinking thatCliristmas would soon be here, aud that possibly you want a turkey, I concluded that ï would send in my small remittance; and if others will think of you as I have, you will no doubt have a "Merry Christrnas and a Happy New Year." You will find enclosed one dollar. Please change the date on the wrapper to August 4, 1895. Yours, Gjsorge Clark. Now this is a letter that exemplifies the religión of business. The writer of the letter, if he meets with no set-backs - as he probably will not - and continúes to take the Argus - as of course he will - will sit higher in the kingdom of the good, than the man who with holy and hypocritical heart, promises that which he does not perform. There are those who, forsaking the path of rectitude, trodden so well by Mr. Clark, owe the Argus for various snug sums in back subscription and are able to pay, whom we are told retire with undisturbed consciences and snore peacefully with heavy, surging ground snores, careless that the promises made to the printer have gone to protest. How such subscribers can pass the shades of darkness without nightmare, or look a newspaper squarely in the face or read the arrears tag without flinching, is something we are unable to account for except on the theory that they belong to that class named in the holy book, as having "consciences seared as with a hot iron". We trust that some of these will soon feel the harpoon of financial repentance under the fifth rib and get no rest till the arrearage is paid.


Ann Arbor Argus
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