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Cullom Is For The Canals

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Washington, Dcc. 20.- Culloni obtaiued a íew minutes timo to teil the senate what ie thought of the Nicaragua canal business, and was very enrnest In support of the meosure. Ín connection withthe subeet lie devoted some time to expressing the desire feit for the early complotion of the Hennepin canal. All roads lead to Chicago, said he, and not alone tliat city Dut every agricultura] state and overy manufacttiring city had a deep and growng interest in the construction of the Hennepin canal. He believed the importance and value of the Nicaragua undertaking to be greater and beyond any considoration of the actual cost and expense. The United States should not neglcct the opportunity to have the canal built within reasonablo time and should also control it. Cullom referred to the great expense of the citizens of Chicago in building the drainage and ship canal to the Mississippí and paid a tributo to the people of that city for their enterprise. Would this government, he asked, stop half way and leave our progressive people with only half the world open to their trade? Let us make a new vow and declare that for the purposes of American trade and commerce No pent-up Utlca contracts our powers. Bat the whole boandless continent is ours.


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