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Cummings Is Not The Man

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For the following dispatch f rom Pana tells an entirely different story and clears up the mystery of the identity : "John Binnon, of Vernon, Marión county, twelve miles south of Vandalia, has arrivod in tliis city and positively identiüed thü clothing found on the murdered boy as tlioso of nis son Arthur Ij. Binnon. He went into hysterics when identifying the initials "A. L. B." on the arm. He also, before being told anything about the hair, identified it. He was taken to a photographer and gave vent to screams of anguish at seeing the negtitive of the dead boy. A telegram was sent to Chicago to stop the interment of the remains of the murdered boy taken there by William H. Barbour, who had claimed him as his son. "Harry Cummings, the Kast St. Louis brakeman, was liberated. He was not the man. Oilicers are on the trail of .Toseph Foster, a mlner who left here early last week for Veruon, Hls. , the home of the murdered Binnon boy, in search of work. He was accompanied by a miner named Cox. Failing to secure employnient Cox returnod on the train Thursday. Foster said he vrould walk back, but has not returnt'd, and disappeared from Vernon about the time Binnon left. Itis thought they left Veruon for the north together, and that Foster killed the boy near here beoause he was familiar with the county. Foster's description is 'complexión fair; eyebrows light; muatache light, thin and fuzzy; eyes llght; nose ordlnary; weight about 150; age about 4.' His wife, a large wonian. digappeared from here recently. Fostor was frequently around gambling rooms and saloons and worked but little."


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