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With ihis issue of the Argus is enclostd a statement of account of all patrons of the paper who are in arrears with their subscription. The account is made out up to the first of January, 1895. If you think there is any error in your account kindly take the trouble to look up your receipts tor subscription which are ahvays givtn when money is paid, and if error there be, we will gladly correct it. If you find a mistake in the statement of account and you come to the office to settle, bring your receipt with you, or if you send money by postoffice order, send last receipt at same time. In any case return the statement of account herewith enclosed, along with the money, for our acknowledgment of payment, when we will send the statement back to be held by you as a receipt. Do not neglect this matter. Even though you are not more than three to six months in arrears with your subscription, remember that two thousand such means a considerable sum of money to us. We have accommodated you by letting this matter run, now we ask, which is nothing more than nght, that you return the compliment. The times are hard, credits are short and bilis must be met and we need and must have our dues. Do your duty by us and we will reciprócate by continuing to give you the best local, family paper in all this neck o' woods.


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