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This is one of tlie progressive high schools of the county. The school is quite well supplled with apparatus. The high school proper is in charge of Principal W. N. Lyster with Miss Webh as assistant. The enrollment is 4. ïhe intention is to giye the scholars thorough instnictiori in the comuion branches before tliey are permitted to take up the more advanced studies. This shoukl be cornmended becanse it i.s far better to have the scholars know a íew tliings well than the odds and ends of a niultitude of subjects. Fikst Grammak Room. - This room is underthe supervisión of Miss Biggs. Enrollnieiit, 40. The room tries the disciplinary powers of a teacher. Second Giummar Room.- A visit to this room con vinces one that the scholars and teachers are earnest and enthusiastic in their work. The classes in geography and ü. 8. history were especially interesting for proruptness in answering qucstions on the lesson. Enrollment, 41. Miss Catharine Sears is teacher. Second Primauy. - The work in this room is well under way and progressing nicely. Enrollment, 42. Miss Mattie McKinnon successfully holds sway here. Fikst Primaky.- Mrs. Myra Lawrence has charge of 50 little tots in this room. It is a real pleasure to visit the room. Kindergarten is a prominent feature of the work. The little oues sang several pieces with perfect harmony. The room is very attractive and the scholars seem totake a deïight and pleasure in their work. Mrs. Lawrence is one of the prominent primary teachers of the county. Distkict No. 6, Salem- Mis3 Edith Quackenbush is teaching her first term in this school. The school is well graded and the text books are uniform, which adds greatly to the success of the school. Particular attention is given to language work. The ollicers areWm. Bussey, H. Packard and Geo. Nelson, Salem. District No. 8, Salem- Miss Ada Roe is engaged to teach nine months. The school is progressing successfully. A recent acquisition is a new dictionary and some good maps. The grounds and school surroundings have been improved in the last year. Miss Roe holds a second grade certifícate and is well up in her work. Enrollment, 24. There are three scholars whó expect to gradúate and receive a common school diploma. Adelbert Curtis is director, Salem. Distkict No. 2, Northfield- This school has 17 seholars on the roll, and the attendance has been regular. Chas. J. Burke is teaching his flrst term. The school is divided into flve grades and the pupils are well instructed in the respective grades. Thomas Downs is director, Ann Arbor, Mich. District No. 4, Salem- Mr. John Manri is director of this district and has purchased a new International dictionary for the school. The present enrollment is 24. The arithmetic recitation was particularly interesting. The scholars seemed to thoroughly understand what they had soné over. There are four pupils in the 8th grade. Mr. Fred Burnott is in charge of the school. District No. 1, Salem- Miss Jennie Brown commenced the winter term in this district Nov. S. The enrollment is 19. The sebelars are small except the three in the 8th grade. The teacher tries hard to aid the pupils. Her work bears fruit on the small children. The teacher keeps up on current events and carries out as far asshecanthe course as indicated íh the classification register. Mr. Geo. Herrick, Salem, is director. Miss Sophia East gives a Christmas entertainment to pupils and patrons of the district at the Lodi Center school, Thursday evening. It is for the purpose of helping towards the purchase of a library. Miss Hattie B. Lucas entertains her pupils and others, Friday evening. Dec. 21 . A good program will be presented. The entertainment will be at the school house on the Dexter-Ann Arbor road.


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