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Sus country has seen. -Albany Argos. IN THE North American Review are always found The Right Topics, By the Right Men, At the Right Time. The North Amebican Review is recognized on both sides of the Atlantic as the foremost Review in the English language, and no expenditure is .spared in maintainingit in its unrivallel position. The Review is the mouthpiece of the men and women who know most about the great topics on which Americans require and desiretobeinformed f rom mouth to moutli. lts list of contributors forms a roll of the representative men and women of the age. Subjects that concern the interest of AMERICAN WOMEN receive constant and special attention. Among topics recently discussed are: ■Women Buffrage in Practica"! "The Renaisanceof Woman"; "Woman in Politics"; "The New Aspect of the Woman Question," and "The Modern Girl," by theauthor of "The Heavenly Twins": "The Future of Marriage" ; "Bvil8 of Early Marriages"; "The Servant Girl of the Future"; "The Kinancial Dependenee of Women"; "Trades-Dnions for women": "The Lack of Good Servants": 'Ameriea.n Lile and Physical Deterioriition" : 'Good and Bad Mothers": "The Tyianny of the Kitehen"; "Tlte Nurse"; Mark Twain's Defenseof Ëarriei Slielly. etc, etc. A NEW FEATURE FOR 1895. The Kkview will publish in 12 ('hapters, beginning witli the January number, the Personal Hlstory of the Seconcl Empire, a historical work of aiiMirdassed Lmportance, which will throw a flood of new lig-ht upon the chequercd career of Napoleon JTI , and the inflnences whiob led to the callapseof hts Empire in the fii-rantic strujrglo with unlted Ger■ iiany. under Wilhelm I. and his lron Chancellor. rt. isas fiiBcinutlüí; is a romaüoe, belng richly anecdotal and f uil ot Information diawn from sources hltberto inaecessible, presented In the raphic and vivacious style which "The Eng-lishuian in Paris," by the ame author, bas made familiar to tbousands of readers. 50 Cents a Copy ; $5.00 a Tear. The North American Review, 3 East i iii St .. New Vork.


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