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Muscle Development

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Sonie recent scientific researches, wbich can doubtless be trusted, show that the weight of rnuscles of aniinals was increasert 40 per cent by a proper periodic applioation of an electric current, the growth being a true development of the muscle. According to this, it will now be possible toincrease to order size of any desired muscle without tiresome gymnastic exercises by lying in a soft chair and having the current applied. This, we suggest, might be tlone at night by au automatic apparatus, thus saving time. Persons who are improperly developed may now be balauced or traed up. Musoles shrunkeu by age may uow be made plump again. Calves whioh nature or exercise have failed to develop snfficiently will now no longer be a drawback to wearing knee breeches or the short bloomers of the feruale bicyclist. Tho question uaturally suggests itself, What will happen i this process of developing inuscles electriually is continued still longer? If some way is then found to develop the bones, the manufacture of giants by el├ęctrica] means will be an easy matter. -


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