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tstate ot mchard Nowland. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTT O of Wuahtenaw, ss. At ftMemnn ol tbe Pitv mte Court i'or the county ot' WHshujn;iw( holden the Probate Ottice In the city oí A nu Aiivor.on liursday, thfl --d t.tty ut' Noviinter, in the ye&r ne thoueaud eight hundred and ninet y-four. Present, J. Wilkird Kabbitt, Judge óf Probate. Id the matter of the state of Richard Nowlaud, eceaoed. On ivadinti and tiling the wtilinn. duly verifdof Jaines StetVe, praying tKat theadiuínistruion of sid estáte mar be granted te Jolm Kpp er, or som? other sutlable peraon. Thereupon t is oulered, thftt Muiulny, the th day of December ton o'clock in tbe orenoou, be assigncd for the beariug of said petion and that the heirs at lawcfaaid deceasad, nd all ol her perrons IntorWted in said tate are requircd to nppear at a aeasion of oaid ourt,then to be holden at the Probate Office in ie city uf Aun Arbor, and show canse any tbc re be, why the prayer of the petitioner ïould not be grantcd: And it is further oxeredthat said putitionerive notice totbe person terested in said estáte of the pende iicy ot said etflionand tbc hearing thereo f by iRusingacopy tb la order to be published in the Ann Arbor rgis, ti uewspaper pntitei tind circulatecl in iel couuty.lhret' aiucessivc Wfiekp prórloua to said ay of heitri ug;. J.W1I.LAUD BABBITT, A cqpy.l Judgo of Probate Wm. G.DOTY, Probate Register. bstate ot Lydia Sutherland. TATEOF MICHIGAN, COUNÏY " of "W ashtenaw . m. Ata seHston of t he Probate Jourt for the Counly of Waahlennw, holden at tbe 'rotate Office In the oitv of Ann Arbor, on ondtty, the 2iit u diy ol1 N,veniler in the year ne thousand eipht hundred and ninety-ionr. Present, J. Willard linlilitt, of Probate In the matter ol' the enlute ol' Ljdla Sutherland, eceascd . Ou reiidiuii and tihiiL tlu petition duly veriürd, f Jane A.Hurd.praymg ihat thu uduii'nistration ebonis uon wi(h the will aonexed oí siiul estati-, muy be fHiued to 1! iiarain tunth. or sume other uiüible person. Thereupon it is ordered, that Mouday, th 4th day of Dei'cmber nart, at ten o'clock In the orenoon, he attsÍKned tor the hearing of aaid petion, and thiu the heirs at law of said deoe;iscd, nd all other persons interesled In suid tstati', re required to appear at a aension ol said court, then to be holden at the Probate Office, n the city of Ann Arbor, and show oaase, any there be, why the pvayer of the petitioner ïould not be granted : And it is fnrther ordered, ml said petitioner Rive nolice to theperaons intersted in said estáte, of the pondenoyot salo petition, nd the hearing thereof, by caueiug a copy of thi rder to be published Jn the Ann Ahuok AR6UB, newsoaper printedand circulatod in said couuty, iree Buccessive weeks previous to said day of eiiriiiL'. J. ILI.AUI) HABBITT, A truecopy) Judgeoi Probate Williah U.Ooty. Probate HeifUter. Estáte of Nelson Sutherland. „ TATK OF MICHIGAN, COUNTY (1F Va8htenav, sa, At aSBflsloD of tl e Probate Court for the County of Wasütetmw.holilcn at thtt Probate Office in ihe City of Aun Arbor, on Wednesday, UieiSthjay ol theyear one tlioiisand eiidu huodred and niuety-four Present, J. Willard Babhitt, Judj-e of Puibate. In the matter of the eslate t Nclon buth6rla nd, deeea?ed. On readlng and SHng the petitiou dulwerified of Grabrirlln E . hutliuiltind, prayittx tiiat a eertain instrument now on file in thin court, purporting to be the last will and testament 01 snid deceased may be admitted to prtjlnte, and thatadtuiDigtration ot bíiid estáte niay be riuted to herself, the executor in s;iid wül nftnaed or to some otherbUitar-le. pnison. Thereiipou itisordered, that Mouday, tbr 24th day of December next. atlOo'clock in the forenoon, beassigned for the heabing of said petition, and that the (ovisees. legatees and heirs-atlaw of said deceased and all other persons intereHit"! in said estáte, are required to appear at a Hession of said court, t lien tu be holden at the Probate Otüce in the city of Ann Arbor, and show cause, if any there be, why th prayer of the petitioner should not be ranted. And it is further ordered that said petitioucr give notice to the persons interested in said 'state of the pendency of aaid petition and the learing thereof, by causiug a copy of this order to o published in the Ann Arbor Abgus, a newvaper printed and circulated in aaid county, three iccesBive weeks previous to said day of hearing: J. WILLARD BABBITT, (A truecopy) Judge of Probate. William G. Doty, Probate Retrister Mortgage Sale. W HEBBAS DEFAiLT HAS BEUN MADE in ihe terms of paymeni ota certaln ïortgage glvi □ on the aixteenth dar at April . D. lï, by John N. Hunt and Blmira V. Hunt, lii v.ite, f Brldgewater, Washtenaw Uouniy. Michigan, i.o James Kehoe, of the auió plaoe, wliicli mortgage ia of record iu he Register of Deeda olüce for said County of Vashtenaw, in Hoer ï9. on page 880, on the eighteeuth day of April. A. 1). 1Ö92. Aucl whereae the amountclaimed to be due on a&id mortgajie ui the date hercof i the urn of six liundrcd eifthty-nlne and 84-100 liillars of principal imd interest, nnd the furher sum ot' twenty-live dollars as au attorncy 'eestipulatcd lor in said mortgagc, and whieli s the wliole amountclaimed to be due apon lid ïnortgage, and no suit or proceedings laving been instituted to recover t lie debt ecured by -uid montage or auy pari tlioreof siiereby tho powei1 of bak' ín said mortgftge tas become operatlve. Now, therefore, notlce is uereby given that )y viiiue of said power of sale and in pursumce of the statutt; in such case made and rovlded, the suid mort;aí!e will lie foreclosed y a sale of the premises therein depcribed at Mlbllc auction to the liighest bidder at the ront door of the oourt house, in the city of Ann Arbor, n said county of Washtenaw, on he twentythird day ot' February next at one o'clock in tlie afternoon of thiu day; whicli said premi.-es are described in said mortgage as follows: belng in the towoshlp of Bridgewater, Washtenaw county, Michitan, and belng the enst half of the east half )f the south-west (juarter of seeuon twentyseven, in town tour south of rane fonr east, and containing torty acres of land. Dated December 5, 1894. JAMES KEHOE. WAL'EKC. RL'RRIDGE. Mortifaaee. Attorney lor Mortgagee. Estáte of Asa Atchinson. STATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTY - of Wnshtcnaw, ss. At :i stasion of the Probat Court for the Countyof Wnehtenaw, holden at the Probate Office in the city of Ano Arbcr, on WeUuesday, the öth day oí December, in the year one thousand eight hundred and ninety-four. Present, J. Willurd Iiahbitt, Judge ol Probote. In the uintter ot the estáte of Asa Atchiuson, decetsed. EliZiilieth Atohinsonfxccutorofihvliist willanil te3tainet ol said decensed, corner into oourt und representa tbat alie ia now prepared 10 render her final account as such executor Thereuponitisorleredthat I'riday theSSth day ot' December instant, ut len o'clnck in the forenoon, be MSlgned for exatniuiug and allowiue such accotintandthat thedt.-vi8ee8,legateesmid neirs-at-law of naid deceaed, imdull other persons ipterestod in suid cst:ite, are rcquired to appear at . sion of said court, then to be holden at the Probate olHce, ir the city of Ann Atuot, in snid county and show canee, if any tiiere be why tht1 said account should not be ullowed. Aiid it is iurther ordcred that said executor Rtvc not ice to the persons in terestod Ld said catate, o!' tb. pendency of aaid account and the hearing thcreot', by causing a copy of thisorder to be pnblisfaed la the Ann Arbor Argüe, a uewspaper prlntid and circulii'ing in said county, three auoaeatlve weeks previous to Faid day of henring. J.WILLAHD BAHBITT. Judife of Probate. (A truecopy.) Wlli.iam li. Dotv. Prolute Register. Estáte ot John Flynn. STATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTY of Al a sessíon of the l'robatc Court tor the county of Waahtensw, holden at the probate office in the city of Anu Arbor, on Monday, the 3d day of December, in the year one thousand eight hundred and ninety-four. Present, J. Willard Babbitt, Judge of Probate. In the matter of the estáte of John I'lynu deoensed. On roadingand filing the petition, duly verifled, of Margaret Flynn, praying that a certuin insiruxneut now on fde in this Court, purporting to be the lust wïü and testament of said deeeaBed may be admitted to probate and that administration of said estáte may be iminted to herself the ezecutrix in aaid will named or some other suitable perBOn. Thereuion it is ordered, that Monday, the 31st day of December instant, at ten o'clock in the forenoon be assigned for the hearing of said petition, and that the devisees, legatees and hei tb at law of said deceaaed, aod ail oiher persons intereflted in said estáte are required to appear at a seegioii of said court, then to be holden at the Probate Office in the city of Ann Arbor, andshow cause, if any there be why the prayer of the petitioner ahould not be grapted . And It ia iurther ordered tbat aaid pctitioner give notice to the personBinterested m said estáte, ofthependeney of aaid petition and the hearing thereof, by causing a copy of this order to be publishcd in the And Arbor Akoüb. a newspaper printed and ciroulated in aaid county three BUCcesriTe weekf preTious to said day of hearing. J. WILLARD BABBITT, IA truecopy.) Judge ot' Probate . WiLtiAM O. Dott. Probate Kegitter.


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