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Revival meetings at Dundee have added eight members to the Baptist church. E. A. Rogers, of Dundee, owns forty dogs. It will require an extra lift of the supervisor to get him and his pack through the winter. S. A. Nichols, of Fowlerville, has produced a street sweeper, which, while it raises the "dust" for him, produces none upon the streets. Detroit has paid him $1,000 for one. South Lyon is sure to have a Saundry. There are malignant minded people who assert that had there been a laundry there sooner, it would have made real estáte move and that tardiness was a "dirty shame." The regents of the Agricultural College are now in possession of spacious and elegantly appointed ew quarters and on their plush upholstered seats will study the habits of the tumble weed as a parasite of the prickly lettuce. Quite a scentsation was recently aroused at Hillsdale by a thief who stole 21 skunk skins from Beckhardt's store. Soon afterward a party offered a quantity of polecat hides for sale at Jonesville, but the dealers there smelled something wrong and the furrier skipped. Grant Fellows, Hudson's well known young attorney and eloquent orator, in a recent lecture for Masonic benefit, asserted that politics while bad enough, was not hopelessly so. The eminent Hudson republican was right. The democrats elected one member to the legislature, be gorra! Lansing people are to get a glimpse of John Donovan, of Bay, the minority in the next legislature, before the legislature. - Lansing Republican. Minority! Well, now, porhaps you may just as well understand that Donovan, of Bay, is in the majority. He is the only party who in the next legislature will be an absolute unit. The Adrián Times styles Willard Stearns "the foster father of the Harkworth-Fisher free silver bantling." Will Mr. Stearns lie down under this assault? "Is life so dear, or peace so sweet," as to be purchased at the price of silence? Then in this case the leopard has changed his spots. It never was Willard's way. Hercules, where is thy club? This square explanation, by the Livingston Republican, ought to be perfectly satisfactory to the aggrieved party: "The red-mittened, red-headed maiden of long ago, referred to in last week's write-up of the Thanksgiving Day sports, was originally red-mittened and redhooded - an error which has caused a coolness between the writer of the article and our head typo." If a hog did not actually live a buried life under a straw stack on the farm of L. T. Gardner, of Litchlïeld, from the time the stack was built last f all, till a few days ago; and if he didn't eat a hole a dozen feet across, in the center of the stack; and if he didn't secure his drinks from the overflow of the barnyard! well that soaked under the stacks; and if when the stack was cut down the hog didn't pop out as frisky as a jack-rabbit, then the Litchfield Gazette is the worst unhung liar in the two pieces of Michigan. Twenty-five female minstrels, suspected of having emigrated from fackson, recently covered themselves with glory and burnt cork, at Pleasant Lake, and brought the piaster of applause down from the overhead wall. This effect was particularly noticeable when the extreme end women, in the ecstasy of -enthusiasm, change places and each in passing kicked the sunflower from the shoulder of the other. Representative-elect Saxton looked the bom beauty that nature made hira, as he cashed in the admission at the box office. At the recent merchants' carnival at Hillsdale the aesthetic proprietors of the "O, my!" wing of female society received a tremendous upset, by the appearance on the floor of a college girl, dressed in the full accoutrements of a foot-ball player. „Something of the kind was feared, as the girls had given out that one of their number would thus appear. The 'ady principal fainted away éfaree times at once, and modesty -was shocked from garret to base.ment, till it was discovered that the ■cute college witches had induced a gjrlish looking young man to assume íhe role of a co-ed in foot-ball garb. The Reading robe factory has tanned 18,000 hides the past season and made them into coats. The owners of livery rigs demand a stabl currency. - Adrián Press. Give 'em Stearns' fiat silver dollar, good for iooscents. Willard Stearns, of the Adrián Press has been elected president of Woodbury Post G. A. R., of Adrion. Mr. Stearns though a sturdy advocate of more pensions draws no pension. In the darkness of a few nights ago, a barbed wire fence did not see Claude Rolison, of Hamburg, as he gamboled in childish glee. The gambol is all out of him and his face will wear scars for months. Lawrence park, Adrián, formerly the old county fair grounds, has been plowed and is beinggraded for a ball field. Adrián, with a crack club, will put up good ball next season or the Delphic Oracle lies. A. E. Brown. of Fowlerville, who bv rare marksmanship shot off one of his toes with a curved bullet, is moving around on crutches. He now regrets his accuracy as a gunner, as the discharge ruined his shoe. A Howell man has invented a brush and scraper for cleaning feet. This is a wholesome device, and one calculated to greatly reduce the business of the divorce courts. Lawyers regard the invention with disfavor. Alden Rundell; formerly of Adrian fame, is running a saloon and restaurant at Clyde, Ohio, and gettiag rich, notwithstanding the fact that his barkeeper kept openThanksgiving while the boss was visiting Adrián and a heavy fine had to be paid. He has his string of horses with him. - Adrián Telegram. [ Dell Merrick, of Somerset, Hills dale county, after an honest day's work, was trudging home, on the Mackinaw railroad with a smile on his face and $26 in his pocket, when sand baggers laid him out and secured the #26. He came to before they were through, but was kicked to sleep again, and later awoke bruised and a pauper. About thirty cords of wood were recently cut by the brethren for the Brighton Wesleyan parsonage. The work was in a splendid cause but it fairly made the scalp-lock stand upon the heads of church members born since the war, to hear between squirts of tobáceo juice, the tales of wood-chopping done by the deacons and class leaders when they were yöung men. E. S. Holdridge, an Adrián democrat, having lost an election bet, gave a supper to a party of friends. The menu cards were pencil sketch illustrations. A soup bowl, from which protruded a crow's head. Fisher's white horse on a platter with Tarsney, Nester, Robison and Casterlin as buzzards furnished meat. The dessert consisted of a sandy plain, strewed with the grinning skeletons of the demo'cracy. Friends of Fl'ying Roll Mike, the false Christ, how doing time in Jackspn prison for having too many wives, spiritual and otherwise, petition his freedom on the ground that as to the spiritual wife investment they were as deep in the mud as he was in the slush, and a little deeper; that as the incarnation of their doctrine, he is made to suffer while they go free. It is not believed, however, that this petition though loudly trumpeted will prove the ram 's hom to jar down the Jericho walls of Jackson prison. Tecumseh has within it a chap afflicted, like many others, with the unhappy infirmity of believing himself a lecturer. Unlike many others, however, his lectures are so atrociously bad as to be very good indeed. The people around there conceal from this fellow the fact that hecannot lecture a little bit, and malte a great guy of him. At Clinton, some months ago, the lecturer, whose name is Fink, was introduced in sounding rhetoric by a Tecumseh attorney, and sailed in. All present then lighted cigars and smoked - smoked themselves sick - while the lecturer thumped the air, and oratory, undimmed by tobáceo fumes, rose above his head like an aurora. Last week, at Tecumseh, "Prof." Fink lectured in his own Tecumseh, and was escorted to the rostrum by the light guard and band, the guard crossing bayonets and bearing on them the American flag. Above all expenses, "Prof." Fink actually realized eight clear dollars. The Northville mili pond is to be washed out and hung on the fence to dry. An Vpstlanti engineer will take the job of cleaning it. The Northville News has been conjured into existence by the art of Mr. Keyes, late of the Brighton Express, which didn't pay. Schuyler Olds' senatorial boom is reported to be growing. lt is not a very large one but is made of a gall sack and is very tough and painted red. A suspicious tellow captured near Britton last week invoiced one dozen silk handkerchiefs, a bunch of skeleton keys, some files, two cans of salmón and one can of beef. The FowlervilleObserver, hasjust begun to be four years old. It is an excellent local paper and Fowlerville and.vicinity will exerci'-e good sense in giving it a cordial support. The United States fish manufactory at Northville has received 70,000 fresh trout eggs. Each egg has been separately examined under an eggscope and pronounced good to hatch. The Grange Visitor is in bad health, and ex-Gov. Luce is one of the doctors appointed to examine and prescribe for the patiënt. It is expected that the ex-governoi will also act as its "wet nurse." The Christmas number of the Hudson Gazette is a sixteen page beauty, in covers and profusely illustrated. The proprietors of the Gazette always do a thing like thal every year that has a Christmas. The plant of the Clinton plow company is to be removed to Hudson. Hovv does it occur that Adrian with her boom property allowed Hudson to turn the furrow over her, in this plow factory matter? Wm. Thomas, of Ingham county, recently felled a whitewood tree that measured 77 feet between the stump and the lowest limb. It yielded six handsome saw logs and three beautiful ring-tailed coons. The Adrián street railway has at last gone into the hands of a receiver - Frank E. Snow, of Detroit. There wasn't a great deal to receive, but Mr. Snow expects soon to put the road in operation, after which he will engage in some active business. Some excitement was manifested al Millsdale last week, when it was discovered that the front windows of the Standard office had been washed. After all it is a regular custum with Rowlson to remove the fly specks from those windows, with each national census. D. J. Bennett, of North Camden, a book agent, is suffering trom a gun shot wound in the cheek. People are gradually working up to the point of self defense. The wonder, however, is that in any case a book agent's cheek should be vulnerable to a gun shot. On this account we almost doubt the story of the injury to Bennett's face. And now it comes to light that Supervisor Watkins, of Manchester, drew no pay as supervisor to which he was not entitled. He was excused by the board to look after a dozen or fifteen cases of small-pox and certainly he should have been paid pretty liberally for that work. Mr. Watkins can enter his objections to illegal expenditures, without fear of being counter slugged. -


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