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Henry Schneider, of Detroit, was last week the guest of Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Millard. Mrs. S. W. Millard is visiting friends in Pontiac. Mr. and Mrs. Ross Granger will give a dancing party at the academy, Thursday evening, Dec. 27. Mrs. R. C. Barney and Mrs. Henry Cheever, at Mrs. Barney's residence, iS}4 Thayer street, will give a reception,, Saturday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Sears, of Chelsea, attended the reception given Saturday evening by Mr. and Mrs. Jas. L. Babcock. Mrs. Crosby and Mrs. Frank Dorr left, Tuesday, for Federal Point, Fla. Miss Jessie Gregg is now with the Ann Arbor Agricultural Co. Sheriff-elect Judson is preparing to reside in Ann Arbor. Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Clement will pass Christmas in Detroit. John Williams and daughter have returned from Mt. Clemens. The following Dexter delegation was in Ann Arbor, Tuesday: Chas. Stannard, H. W. Newkirk, A. R. Beal, John Costello, Marcus Cook, Tohn V. Gregory, Dick Bell, and Henry Phelps. Dr. Vaughan was called suddenly to Albion, Wednesday, on professional business. Mr. and Mrs. G. B.. Haynes, of Chicago, are guests of Mr. and Mrs. McClure, of the Cook house. L. L. Freeman, of Detroit, passed Saturday and Sunday at the residence of Mrs. Marlett, of University avenue. Mrs. Carl Brehm-Baurnann, of Dayton, Ohio, has arrived to spend the holidays with her brother, Gustave Brehm and other relatives. Will Abbey and sister, of Iowa, are visiting Misses Mattie and Edith Huddy. Miss Minnie Waltz, of Cincinnati, is the guest of Miss Olive Luick. Supervisor Davenport, of York, was in the city Tuesday. Miss Edith Lewis, of Jackson, is an Ann Arbor visitor. Miss Ina Wines, of Howell, is visiting in the city. Mrs. W. S. Perry is visiting in Bay City. Miss Jenks, of Frankfort, is a guest at the residence of Moses Seabolt. Mr. and Mrs. Roy McClure, of the Cook house, will pass the holidays with their father, E. T. McClure, of Joliet, 111. Miss Pauline E. Weiss, of Penn College, Iowa, will spend the holidays in Ann Arbor. Postmaster L. E. Rowley, of the Lansing Journal, spent yesterday in Ann Arbor. Ten-pound boys have been born as follows: To Mr. and Mrs. Chas. A. Sauer and Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Schmidt. M. C. and Miss Maggie Ryan Tuesday attended the funeral of Michael McCarty, at Howell. Miss Stollsteimer Tuesday evening entertained a party of young friends at the home of her parents on S. Seventh street. Miss Myrtle Claar, of Berrien Springs, is visiting Miss Richards, E. Huron street. Dr. Dorrance will spend Christmas with his wife and daughter, who are in Brooklyn, N. Y. Herbert A. Williams, of the Farmers' and Mechanics' bank, has been ill this week. John Kensler, of Manchester, was an Ann Arbor visitor, Wednesday. Mrs. Martin Chute, of Chicago, is visiting Mrs. N. J. Kyer. Dr. J. N. Martin is ill. President Angell returned Wednesday evening from Des Moines, where he attended the wedding of his son. Jack Loney, Wednesday attended the wedding of Joe Montgomery and Miss Lucy Green, of Windsor. Rev. G. Boegtlin and family left Tuesday for Bippus, Ind. He will have charge of St. John 's parish, the re.