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Schultze And The Cow

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For several years an eccentric old fellow, who may be Fred Schultze, or John Meyer, or John Fred Meyer Schultze, as you like, - since he claims all those - has gyrated about the rural districts of Washtenaw, carrying a spread umbrella withojit regard to the weather. For one of his years he is a brisk footed old sport, who hands in his age as 76, and looks the proof of his statement. His headquartersare usually in his boots, but sometimes in At present they are in jail. When not in jail, a barn or a stack is his usual winter hotel, and in summer he sleeps with the tree-toads and straddle-bugs, when the sky comes down all around him and protects him. Early on the morning of October 9th, Schultze, as we will cali him, showed up at the farm of Mr. Bodwell, of Northfield, accompanied by a fine Jersey Cow, which he stated he had purchased and was taking to his farm near Howell; that the cow was afraid of dogs so he traveled in the night. He remained through the day, fed his cow corn fodder and said he would return next week and husk corn to pay for the "keep". Then as the mantle of night wrapped the earth, the old man wrapped the cow strap about his hand, rapped the cow on the ribs and faded in the "twilight gloaming. ' ' Note- Be careful about infringing on the term "twilight gloaming." We have had it copyrighted. A few days ago the old man 's erratic orbit brought him again into Northfield and as it was then known that the cow had been stolen from a man named Wilson of Webster, Sheriff Brenner started after him last Friday and found the old gent trudging along the highway with budget and umbrella. He asked him to ride; he accepted and was a prisoner. He had with him a package which disclosed a neat 5-ring halter, which he said he found. He appears, by his history collected by the sheriff, to have done time in Ohio for cow stealing, and in the Detroit house of correction for chicken theft. At Dearborn, 18 months ago he was arrested for chicken theft, but got off by paying $5 and signing an agreement to place permanent, sudden, and great remoteness between himself and Wayne county.


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