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Division Among The Democrats

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Washington. i)io. 27. - Amongthe frw meinbers oí' (ík1 Enaste who were'at the Capítol looklna . er thelr mail the provailincr opinión -i i-med ro he that the RepubHcatis h.ui i; i:1, ilieir power lo pass or defeat the curreney bul. The Demooatio vote, it is sai;! by oue wiio has thoroughly canvassed the situation, will be about evenly dividfid lor and against the measure. The Republicana aro generaily expected to vote against the measure. While the bilí is far from satisfaetory to many of the Democratie meinbers who will support it they will, they say, vote for it becanse it will improve in their opinión the present situation. Judge Culberson put it this way: "We are like a tramp," said he, "who has been ordered out of town. It does not matter mutíh whether he goes to New York, Baltimorc or Richmond. But move he must. The situation of tho treasury department ti ldentlcal. jnust be done to relieve it. If this bilí does not accomplish all it should it will at least accomplish something." Bland. who has a f ree coi nage substituto pending, is very doubtiul of hls ability to secure even a record-making vote xipon it. Springer has already given notice that he will make a point of order against the substituto on the ground that it is not germane and Bland believes it will be the programme of the advocates of the curreney bilí to rule the substituto out on this point. Although he insists that the substituto, dealing as it does not only with coinago, but curreney, is germano, he seems inclined to the opinión that the point of order will be sustained. In the event it is not sustained, however, he says, that inasmuch as the substitute will be defeated in committee of the whole the fact will preclude the possibility of securing a roeord-making vote on hisproposition in the house.


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