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Northville has a "YVND" club. Seems as though an I had dropped out of the name. John Brown, near Brighton, endeavored to ease the fall of a valuable forest tree and is in the house with a jammed shoulder. Last week one day, Chas, Chase, of Conway, found a pigeon in a weak condition with a band of copper attached to one of its legs. - Fowlerville Observen A string of chicken feathers last week showed a Deerfield man that it was one of his neighbors who depopulated his hen coop. The jail is now nonulated with the neighbor. The editor of the Allegan Gazette liad his nose wrung by a fellow wh got mad at something the paper sak about him the other day. Rei should wear his nose in his pocket At last account Sky Olds, of Lan ■sing, was about half a nose ahead o all competitors in the senatoria race. People who thought Sk wind-broken are surprised at hi gait. There is talk of constructing bowling alley under the armory a Tecumseh. This, with the sub-ter tiary target range, ought to make the underground armory a livel locality. Hard eider sold in secret at Brit ton, the other day, asserted itself in such a public manner that a prose cution is likely to grow out of it It is time to take one eider the other of this drink question. Part of the car shops, for which Owosso bied to the music of several thousand dollars, goes to Durand and when the wind is right the grating of Owosso's teeth can be plainly heard. In order to bring the democratie minority in the coming legislature into disrepute, a fellow by the name of John Donovan, probably hired by the republicans, has been sent up from Holly, for robbing a jewelry store. The Dundee I,edger thinks Northville must be a tough town because a night-watch is employed. The pólice protection is to guard against the incoming of desperate characters who are likely to invade the town from Monroe county. - Northville Record. . Kittie Maltby, of Fowlerville, had heard about the "outside world" and wanted t" see it. Her parents ohjected, so Kittie the other night slid down a ladder from her window, grip in hand, took a late train and was gone. Kittie is now seeing the outside world. The Methodist bell of Morenci has hitherto stood alone in sumraoning sinners to forsake their public sins and their more heinous private ones and do repentance. Now, however, from the tower of the Baptist church swings a new herald of the gospel. Morenci is growing in piety. George Cleveland, of Addison, a very tough character, ia July last made a bullet hole in the skin of Postmaster Weatherwax, of Somerset, and escaped but recently sur;endered at New Orleans. Cleveland has for years been a hard aiember of the family and a grief to those with whom he was at variance. The old saw-mill at Hamburg, which for years stood as an asylum for mud-wasps and a monument to the memory of the past, has been degraded into a common horse shed. Thus it goes with us all. Whether we are human beings or saw-mills, the time comes when we must get out of tne way of high rolling pro.gress or down comes our shanty! Únele Joe Rennett, president o: the Adrián Benevolent association, lias contracted assification of the heart. Lately he has been around to the council room with a petition to have a shed and a stone-pile furnished for the wanderer in rags and the drunkard in "jags." He explains his action on the ground that industry and sobriety are "holiness unto the Lord God of Sabaoth." It gives the Argus no little satisíaction to read from the official returns of the late election as ansiounced by the Rev. Washington Gardner himself, secretary of state, that after all their blasted blow and bombast about having everlastingly basted the democracy, the republioans only carried the state on governor, bv a bare io6.-?02 nluralitv. The reps. have striven hard to make a balloon of a hog's bladder. Up, democrats and at them again ! Miss Myrtle Maxwell has bought out the editor of the Onsted, Lenawee county, News. The News man, desirous of finding a less dangerous field, has entered the regular army. Miss Maxwell is reported by the ed':.ioz of the Tecumseh News to be t andsome and talented and the Argns doubts it not, since Mr. Field says so. We rise from our editorial soap box to extend congratulations to Miss Maxwell and welcome her to the glory and tribulations that come to those in our kind of business. Crusaders are helping Eider Priest snatch the wicked Filchburg brands from the burning. Ira Sweeney, a prominent citizen of Hudson, and many years supervisor, died December 22. The Jackson Patriot has split its weekly in two, and hereafter will be published as a twice-a week. The Howell woodchuck fund has been "skunked" by the enormous drain upon it. No more bounties till next year. Pingree of Detroit received five votes for governor. Shades of the mighty - can it be that those small potatoes are all that's left of thee ! Dell Merrick, of Somerset, claims to have been sandbagged out of his senses and $26 in cash on the railroad track, a few nights ago. aco. Henry W. Torrence, of J -aasing, wants to be enrolling clerk of the house. He had the place in '69 and '71, and as he is a pretty good man and lias not much longer to live, the Argus favors him. The duphony slipping out of the whangdangus, letting the slapbang down and breaking the press, caused the delay in the publication of the Pinckney Dispatch last week. Everything is all right again, however. The Stockbridge Sun opposes the importation of far western "toughs" to serve sentences in the Detroit house of correction. Yes, so do we. They are Hable to be further depraved by contact with some of our Michigan desperadoes. The Livingston Republican assures young ladies that silence will be expected in regard to weddings whenever desired, and adds that instant dismissal would follow divulgence. No premature explosions there. The force is all muzzled, from editor to devil. Rev. Jas. Wright, of Britton, has beaten all competitors and walleed off with the prize offered by a dealer for the five best ears of corn. There were many striving for the prize, but the eider easily skunked them all. Verily the Lord helps those who help themselves. A loom in the Clinton VVoolen Mili reached out and grabbed the dress of Miss Bertha Sugars, and, but for the interference of friends, she would never have sat up with her admirer another Sunday night. Nor could she that night and look well, had the dress she wore on that day been her only one. Rev. Mr. Ward, of Corunna, having charged that the cotnmon council and the press were in league with the saloons, a Corunna editor who in some strange manner had wandered into the church, arose and told the preacher to his teeth that he was a liar. But the preacher kept on, and next day complained against several liquor bondsmen, charging perjury in that they were not worth $3,000 each above their liabilities, they having sworn that hey were. As it stands, it is a retty fight. Voung men go west.' But if you lon't go west, for heaven's sake don't go to Brighton for a mothern-law. Young fellow struck that burg a few days ago, "dead killed" on a fyoung girl whotn he took ridng, and would fain have made her mother his wife's mother, but the ld lady would not. When the lovrs returned, she appeared as a pectacular exhibit (marked exhibit A) in the arena of muscular power, nd administered to both such a ose of horsewhip as will live green n their memory long after they are ïarried to somebody else and have liildren.


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