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Vaccination Mad

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During the recent ,-mallpox scare u Washington one apothecary sold 16,000 vai'Pine pomts" witlnn 24 nour.s. Oo & Fnday, when the penerai frlght was preatest. the suppïy gave out, Physicían-; telegrnphed in even direction for points In the drug etore referred to a big crowd was waiting A smal1, quancity arnved atv; the people scrambled for f hem T.'.'e s;eiie was a most extraor chuary one Holding their money ia the.r hanas over their heads. reen, women anri sbildren -tr;i2L;[ed like amiotis bettor? at a race track One wouM have supposed f haf tlieir iives depenrierl on prornnnft fhe points. of which thwe ■were not nearlj enongh te go round "Here s my money!" yelled one ni w "Yot: proruised me tour points yes-tcrday!" crici a womao "I'll pay you a dollar apiece for six points!' shouted another man. évideut]y the anxious father of a family In onedayof the scare the apothecary said that he had made more money thao he had ever made in rworiays out of nis business Somebody carne lo hira and offered to buy out his entire stock of points at. the figure lie charged for them retail. The draggiet refused becaase there was reason to believe that an attempt was being made to corner tlie snpply A veil known physician in town asfertained rhat a patiënt of his possessed an extra vaccine point. He went and begged it of him. One little colored boy called at the Emergency hospital and asked, with tears in his eyes, to be vaccinated. "Yougoanclgetoneof those things, " said the surgeoa in charge, "and I'll vaccinate you. ' ' The böy went to the apothecary and begged a vaccine point. Then he retnrued to the hospital and Vías operated apon.


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