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London's Reign Of Terror

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Two ladies of the writer's family were making calis just after dnsk yesterday in Kensingtou. ïhey had some difflculty in findingthenewaddress of a friend, and not .eeing a policeman stopped to inquiro the way to Queen's Gate Terrace of ;i group of fonr women who bappenod to bo approaching. Before they liad time to speak two words of their question the fonr women turned and fled, with overy evidence of suddeu terror. The laclies walked on a few steps, met two more women and attempted to make the same inqniry. The second couple seemed seized with eveu greater alarm than the first gronp. Thoygatheredup their skirts, ran across the street and away without waiting to hear the quustion. This extraordinary power topnt British inaids and inatroua to flight by a word so amused the two American women that they tested it onco or twice more, with the same resnlt, except that oue woman retained sufficient self poseession to cali back, "Don't know, " over her shoulder as she ran away. The incident furnishes striking prooi of the literal reign of terror now prevailing in one of the most fashionabla qnarters in London by reason of the series of strange crimes about which the cable has already told you something. A mysterious veiled woman in black, whose manía is to stab others of her sex, haw appeared no less than five times within a week in a district less than a half mile square, and although scores of detectives are lyiiig in wait for her she is still at large. In each case she has approached her victim with au inqniry about a certain street. Her first victim lost an cye, and the second was stabbed in the neok, ïiarrowly escaping a fatal wound. The fear of her was now widespread, so that the others she accosted fled before she could strike them. There is soma suspicion that ehe is a small man in disguise, as all describe the person as having a gruff voice, bnt the police believe it is a woman, and that sha is undoubtedly insana -


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