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Deaths Of The Year

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Undertaker O. M Martin informs us that the past year has been a very healthy one. The number of funerals during thé year, which he attended, was 146. This is about 20 less than the average. It includes the deaths within quite a large circuit of county. Nineteen of these were of persons over 80 years of age, many of whom were atnong the pioneers of the county. Four were over 90 years of age. The following is the list of those over 80 with the time of their death: Jan. 3, Zera S. Pulcipher, aged 83 years. Jan. 6, Mrs. Amelia Meade, 92 years. Jan. 21, James D. Winans, 88 years. Feb. 6, Mrs. Mary Finnell, 96 years. Feb. 8, Daniel E. Wines, 82 years, Feb. 10, Lyman H. Phillips, 84 years. Feb. 10, Samuel Beckford, 83 years. Feb. 2i, Mrs. Jane Grandey, 87 years. Mar. 9, Mrs. Marcia Minnis, 86 years. April 6, Mrs. Eliza Fitzsimmons, 88 years. April 14, Dr. Corydon L, Ford, 81 years. April 22, Mrs. Mary Bradford, 84 years. May 25, Dr. Thomas Wilkinson, 95 years. Aug. 28, Mrs. J. Warner, 82 years. Oct. 1, Daniel Kierstead, 81 years. Nov. 26, Winthrop Morrill, 84 years. Dec. 9, James Carey, 81 years. Dec. 13, Mrs. Harriet Freeman, 92 years. Dec. 18, Thomas Guiñan, 85 years.