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The Michigan Master Painters' association met in Ypsilanti, Tus _ m The Liberal guild will meet i4êü Unitarian church parlors tomorrow evening. The Presbyterian Sunday school has an attendance of over three hundred children. The next faculty concert will be held in Frieze Memorial hall next Thursday evening. Rev. J. T. Sunderland will speak next Sunday morning on the question, "Was Jesus God?" George Crosby has sued for a divorce from his wife, Ida Crosby nee Hill. Both Ypsilanti parties. Ir. and Mrs. Clyde C. Kerr had the misfortune Tuesday evening to lose their nine months old boy. The pupils' recital, which was to have taken place Wednesday afternoon, Jan. 16, will not be given. The young people's society of Zion church took a sleighride to Mrs. Fiegel's in Pittsfield, Wednesday. Mrs. J. P. Jordán read a paper on Robert Browning before the Ladies' Union of the Unitarian church, Wednesday afternoon. R. S. Greenwood is reported to be slowly convalescing. He is now able tb sit up in bed. His friends will be glad to see him around again. The stockholders of the Michigan Kurniture Co. re-elected the following directors Tuesday evening: W. D. Harriman, L. Gruner, Moses Seabolt, C. E. Hiscock, E. E. Beal, Martin Halier and Paul Snauble. Charles Kalmbach, of Freedom, was in Ann Arbor yesterday He reports the sleighing getting considerably worn and thin where the road is on sandy land. The recent snow was very loose and did not pack well. The Presbyterian Sunday school will be officered as follows this year: Superintendent, Ralph C. McAUasster; assistants, E. F. Mills, Frank Parker, Mrs. J.H. Wade; secretary and treasurer, Horace T. Purfield; librarían, Miss Land; chorister, Dr. C. G. Huber. Ex-tíov. Russell at University hall tonight. A new heating apparatus will be put in the Congregational church. The infant son of William Esslinger,only two weeks old, died Wednesday. Seven new members were initiated in the order of the Eastern Star, Wednesday evening. Dr. Guthe, instructor in physics will discuss Hertz's experiments before the engineering society tonight. Mr. and Mrs. John M. Sweet, of Ypsilanti, celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of their marriage on Tuesday last. Mrs. Lydia A. Andrews, of Detroit, an auni of Prof. L. D. Wines, of this city, died in Detroit, on Thursday of last week. Thos. J. Keech and Judge Noah W. Cheever were re-relected trustees of the Congregational church for three years, Wednesday evening. A continuous procession of ice sleighs can be seen every day drawing the crystal blocks from the river. Better ice was never obtained from the Huron. There has been splendid coasting on Spring street this week, and a large number of people, young and not so young, have been enjoying this exhilarating exercise. Dr. A. B. Prescott, Prof. F. C. Newcombe and Prof. F. W. Kelsey were elected elders of the Presbyterian church, Wednesday evening, and Henry T. Purfield was elected deacon. Charles Herrmann and Adolph Schulz were before Justice Pond yesterday charged under the ordinance with being drunk. They plead guiltyand were fined $2 each and $3 costs. The republicans hold a county convention in this city Tuesday, February 12, to nomínate a candidate for school commissioner and to elect delegates to a state convention to nomínate a supreme court judge. The many friends of E. T. McClure, the proprietor of the Cook house, will regret to learn that he has been confined to his bed with illness at the Palmer house, his hotel in Joliet, 111. It is understood he is convalescing. On next Monday evening, January 21, Rev. Reed Stuart, of Detroit, will deliver a lecture before Unity club on the subject, "Literature and Life." Mr. Stuart's ability is unquestioned and a most excellent treatment of the subject may We anticipated. f Warren E. Walker has just completed a new row boat, to be used as a "dingey" tohis steamer. It is 11 feet 4 inches in length and 44 inches wide. It will be taken to his club house at Zukey lake. The new boat will corafortably accommodate three passengers. Senator Watts has introduced a bilí redistricting the state with reference to the senatorial districts. He puts Washtenaw with Livingston county and Jackson with Hillsdale. Although he carried this county last f all, he evidently doesnt want to try it again in old Washtenaw. For the next three Sunday evenings Mrs. Sunderland's Bible class lectures will be upon the great ;religious movements in England in the nineteenth century: 1. "The Ritualistic or High Church Movement in the English Church." 2. "Newcombe and the Catholic Revival." 3. "Arnold, Maurice, ICingsley, Stanley and the Broad Church Movement." On Monday evening Jacob Bissinger, of West Liberty street, celebrated his fiftieth birthday anniversary. In the evening a number of friends surprised him by ralling and spending a very pleasant evening. Among those who were present on the happy occasion were Mr. and Mrs. John Krause, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Grossmann, Mr. and Mrs. John Armbruster, Mrs. Harry Cole, and Mrs. Reuben Armbruster. It was a late hour when the guests dispersed for their respective homes. Reports from Claude E. Sheldon, the insane law, are not very encouiaging. When in Cincinnati, on the way home, a serious time was experienced. Sheldon got into another man's room in the hotel at which he and his father were stopping, and insisted that the other man was trying to rob him. He took everything away from the fellow that he conveniently could, the old man being thankful to escape with no bodily harm. There was considerable excitement in the house before Sheldon was subdued. Upon his arrival home he got a shotgun and started on a run up the river near his home. He could not be stopped, and was only headed off by a man on horseback. - Daily Courier. There have heen several whisker clubs organized in the University. George Sackett, of Dexter, paid I Í 2 fine and $5 costs with justice iPond's court Tuesday, tor being drunk on the street. Sackett claims to have been drugged. John Lary, a junior law, of Logansport, Ind., left his home ten days ago to return to this city and has failed to return. His friends are worrying about him. John Tilden was bound over to the circuit court by Justice Pond, Tuesday, to answer to the charge of burglarizing the Davenport store in Mooreville a month ago. Louis J. Liesemer has purchased the interest of Herman Hutzel in the Hausfreund Post, and tnus owns a controlling interest in that paper, the fïrm being Liesemer & Paul. Mr. Liesemer has already scored a great success in Germán journalism in this city, and the Hausfreund und Post is in good hands.