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The Ypsilanti whist club is eager to get up a game with Ann Arbor. F. A. Voorheis will move his tailoring establishment to Kalamazoo. Walter McGuire was admitted to the bar in the circuit court, Monday. The Political Equality club meets in McMillan hall this afternoon at three o'clock. Miss Finley's classes in elocution will begin Monday next at 4 p. m., room 6, School of Music. Profs. Kelsey and Newcombe will be ordained as elders of the Presbyterian church next Sunday evening. Seven converts to the Salvation army were made in Ypsilanti, Monday night, making the total number 65. The water has been shut off the drinking fountain in front of the court house, as it overflowed into the gutters. Mrs. William Noble fell down the front stairs of her residence on East Catherine street Tuesday and was severely bruised. Gen. James B. Weaver will be in attendance at the people's party convention in Greenville, Feb. 6, and will make a speech. Ex-Marshal James R. Murray fell on the sidewalk on Detroit street in front of the Bucholz block, Monday night, and broke his ankle. The quarterly election of the Young Men's Sunday evening club of the Congregational church will be held Sunday evening. The trustees of the Unitarian church have organized by electing W. H. Pettee, president; Jos. L. Whitlark, treasurer; and W. K. Childs, secretary. Over twenty dogs have been póisoned in this city within the past week, all showing signs of having been given strychnine. Some of the dogs were valuable ones. The dog poisoner should be found. Matthew P. Rogers died in Dexter, January 28, of heart failure, aged 80 years. He was born in Vermont, and moved to Lima township in 1840, where he remained until 1867, when he removed to Dexter. Tomorrow is Candleraas day. The iail has more prisoners than cells. The ladies of the L. O. T. M. had a sleigh ride last evening. There have been 38 inmates of the new city lockup since it started. Fraternity lodge F. and A. M. has work on the first degree tonight. The Schwaebischen Unteistuetzung Verein gave a hall last evening. A new lodge of Knights of Pythias will be instituted at Milan, February 12. - 1 Hughie McGuire is in the field as a candidate for constable of the third ward. The republican ward caucuses will be held next Friday evening at the usual places. A Trilby entertainment was held at the residence of Mrs. Motley on Jefferson street, last evening. The Political Equality club will meet at McMillan hall on Friday, Feb. 1, at 3 p. m. Important business. R. C. McAllaster lectures in the Presbyterian church Sunday mom on "Glimpses of Nature and their Lessons. " The Ann Arbor Organ company have just made a contract with Kops Bros., of Chicago, to furnish them 600 Ann Arbor organs this year. Miss Emma E. Bower will read a paper before the Michigan Press association at their February meeting in Detroit on the "Value of Departments." The firm of Koek & Henne have dissolved partnership, and John Koch, the senior partner will continue the well established business at the old stand. Postmaster E. C. Morrisey, of Jackson, last evening moved into the handsome new stone government building, which has just been completed at a cost of $ 105,000. Mr. J. V. Sheehan is to give the next paper in the Unity club course Monday evening, Feb. 4. His subject will be -'Sights and Scènes in Europe." This paper will deal with Europe from a tourist's point of view, as seen by Mr. Sheehan during his trip last summer. An Epworth league was organized at Emory on Thursday of last week with the following officers: President, J. B. Laraway; first vice-president, Miss Stella Donovan; second vice-president, Win. Treadwell; secretary, Miss Gertrude Leland; treasurer, Miss Myrtle Renwick. Mrs. Michael Staebler died suddenly at her home on West Liberty street at one o'clock yesterday afternoon of heart disease, after an illness of nine months. She leaves a husband and seven children, Frederick, Robert, Alice, Edward, Albert, Herman and Walter. She was bom in Scio township and wasfortyseven years of age. A new furniture, upholstering and curtain store will shortly be -started in the Walker block on West Washington street, by Henne & Stanger. The new firm is composed of William Henne. for seven years the junior partner in Koch & Henne, Nate Stanger, who has had thirteen years' experience in the carpet and drapery business, last with Koch & Henne, and Samuel Henne ha-s had fifteen years' experience as a practical upholsterer. The residents of that portion of the Third ward which is west of the T. & A. tracks, are making much complaint about the manner in which they are compelled to wait for trains covering crossings. This is especially so at night and on two different occasions within a week the same parties have been compelled to almost freeze in their sleigh before the trains saw fit to vacate the crossings. 'Twas a merry crowd that dropped in on Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Rose, of the South Ypsilanti road, last evening. By actual count there were just 93 of them - Maccabees and their families - and the evening was spent in card playing, music. games, etc. A bounteous supper was served about 11 o'clock and at about midnight all returned home, after having spent one of the most enjoyable evenings of the season. - - As the spring election nears, the í Municipal club again shows signs of life. It held its annual meeting on Wednesday night, with thirty members present, and elected the following officers: President, Prof. B. M. Thompson; vice president, Robert Campbell; secretary, George Key; treasurer, Arthur Mummery; members of the executive committee, Prof. I-. D. Wines, H. G. Prettyman and Dr. David Zimmerman. Rev. E. Atlams will lecture in Newbeny hall, Sunday morning at 9:15, on -'Pioneer Missions in Iowa . Prof. B. A. Hinsdale lectures before the Bay county teachers at Bay City, Saturday, on "Elements ot Human Cultivation." The Sunday evening lecture in St. Thomas' church will be given by Rev. A. Morrissey, president of the University of Notre Dame. His subject is "Faith." The subject, "Electrical Equipment of the North West," will be discussed before the engineering society tomorrow evening by G. A. Damon, room 10, engineering building. Ordination and installation of elders in the Presbyterian church, Sunday morning. In the evening there will be a tull program of choice music and the opening of the question drawer. Samuel G. Burchfield completes the list of republican candidates for alderman of the third ward, who now stand, Frank Wood, Zenas Sweet, James E. Harkins and Samuel G. Burchfield. Hon. Reuben Kempf has introduced a congressional apportionment bill which assouates this county with Hillsdale, Branch and Lenawee counties. We wouldn't know ourselves, would we? F. Krause, the well known auctioneer, will attend to all sales in city or county. Orders may be left with him on Broadway or at the Argus office.