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The republican county convention was held at the court house last Tuesday. It was well attended and indicated how hunger for political pap and a possible chance for securing the same does inspire the republican patriots. 'At the appointed hour the convention was called to order by the chairman of the county committee, Mr. H. G. Prettyman. He called Hon. A. J. Sawyer to the chair who proceeded to make a characteristic republican speech. He set over on the republican side of the account about all the blessings the people enjoy in this life and on the democratie side about all the ills. When the chairman had fully delivered himself the convention elected Mr. C. P. McKinstry secretary. The usual committees wcre then appointed as follows: Credentials - H. W. Newkirk, Scio; A. W. Wilkinson, Chelsea, and F. W. Green, Ypsilanti. Order of business - A. F. Freeman, Manchester; John Cook, York; and Geo. S. VVheeler, Salem. Resolutions - H. G. Prettyman, Ann Arbor; Andrew Campbell, Pittsfield; and John Lawrence, Ann Arbor. The convention then adjourned for dinner. On assembling in the afternoon the reports of the comminees were first taken up. The temporary organization was made permanent and the report of the committee on credentials was not read as every delegation was said to be f uil and no contests. Chairman Freeman then read the report on order of business and this precipitated a warm discussion. That is to say, the división of the ' eport relating to the manner of ! electing delegates did. After , iderable sparring as to whether the delegates should be selected by the convention at large or by represenative districts it was decided to alow Judge Kinne to select the requisite number from each district and the controversy was settled. A. J. I Sawyer was elected delégate at large. fudge Kinne selected the following delegates: First District - J. F Lawrence, J. E. Beal, Col. H. S. Üean, J. C. Knowlton, Seth C. Randall, Reuben Kempf, E. H. Scott, H. W. Mewkirk. Second District- Capt. E. P. Allen, Samuel A. Post, A. F. Freeman, Dr. F. K. Owen, C. McKinstry, VV. B. Seyniour, Frank Jones, Wm. Campbell, W. H. Whitmarsh. Nominations for commissioner of schools were then made. Mr. Wilkinson, of Chelsea, placed Mr. W. W. Wedemeyer in nomination. Mr. Greene, of the Ypsilantian, performed a like service for Mr. Lyster and Mr. Newkirk for Mr. Corbin. The speeches were all good but Mr. Newkirk brought down the house by closing his speech by singing the first verse of "Rock of Ages" and declaring that such would be the state of sotne lame democrats the morning after election. A number of speeches in support of the nominations were also made. The one by Andrew Campbell the audience evidently thought was going to be like the mercy of the Lord, endurirvg forever. An effort was made to cali him down but it failed. At last a ballot was taken and resulted in 85 or Wedemeyer, 56 for Lyster and 47 for Corbin. The second ballot gave Wedemeyer 98 and he was declared the unanimous nominee. Delegates to the senatorial convention were then announced as follows: First District - Maj. Stevens, Nathan Pierce, James E. Harkins, W. G. Burchfield, C. S. Pierce, I. N. S. Foster, Vernon Parker, Robt. Campbell, W. K. Childsand Wm. Judson. Second District - J. P. Vroman, O. E. Thompson, G. D. Wiard, E. B. Strum, Andrew Campbell, E. VV. Croft, W. P. Brinkier, S. R. Crittenden. Mr. Wedemeyer was then brought in and he made a very happy speech in accepting the nomination. Judge Kinne was then sent for and he came before the convention and made a dignified and appropriate three-minutes speech in which he thanked the convention for its confidence and support. The convention then adjourned.


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