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A Man's Best Ideas

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Professor von Helmholtz, tho great Germán scientist of imperishable faine, not long before bis death gavo au intoreeting review of bis liïe work on tho oo easion of the celebration of his seventieth birthday, in which, among othei things, he revenís sonie instructivo features of his habits of study and theprccess by which he won bis ideas as well as the time and marnier in which it waa liis wout to commit the latter to paper: "As it has frequenrly been my lot to havo to await in uncertainty tho arrival of appropriate thoughts and conceptions, vfhich tben would break snddeuly and anhéralded npon me, I have just gained Bomo cxperienoe i:i the management of tbese eapricions ideas. This may be of utility to other siudentg of like physiologioal temperaaiemt. "The best ideas hae of ten stolen silently into the onrrent of my thoughts while the latter were not employed in Beeking thein. I know not by wbat procobs of unconscious cerebration tbey were evolved. 1 only knew that they wero here. Nor conld 1 at flrst fully estimato the importanoe of snch ■unoxpected but welcome visitors. "These ideas uever introdnoed themselves when my brain was tired aud almos t never at my writiug tabla I had first to turn my problem in all directions and envisage it from every side, and thereafter to censign it to my involnntary thoughts without even promatnrely attemptiug to solve it within myself or committing my reflections to ■writing. Long and patiënt preliminary investigation was the unconditional prerequisite to saccess. "No matter how urgent the uecessity for actiou, I must always give my brain it time to relax from fatigue or strain and await the rocurrence of a feeling of feoth physical and mental well being and coutontment before writiug for pablication. My most valuable ideas have preseiited themsolves in the niorning on my awakeniug from a refreshing sleep, tet the favorite period for them has been -while I was seeking relaxation by roaming slowly over picturesque hills or throngh -wooded parka in the bright sunlight. The slightest iiidnlgenoe in alcoholic beveragüs sufficed to banisl theni from my grasp. "-


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