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Thawing Out Frozen Meat

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Accordmg to the process inventeu by Messrs. Nelsou Di'O3. for thawing frozen meat in such a way as to put it on the market is a souud condition and avoid the mauy objectious to which the sale of tho meat vvhilo still in a frozea state was open, the chambor of the apparatus is provided with doublé doors, one of which ia extremely tbick, so as to simt out, as f ar as possible, all external atmoaphero. Tho chaiuber has no Windows, bat is supplied with electrio light. Ou entering ono soes only some 80 quarters of beef hanging in rows ou hooks over a slightly raised opon plat foriu, with a canvas ourtain at the back. j Under this platform, however, there is a series of steam pipes, whilebehind the curtain thero is a series of pipea filled with compressed amrnonia, similar to those nsied in connection with the ordinary freezing p:pocess; s. The su-arn iipes under the meat causo a curren t of warm air to asoend all around it, and as soou as this cnrrent reachos the top of this chamber it is drawn to tho freezing pipes behind thtt cuïtain, by which ül the rooisture is frozen out of it, on to tho pijios thcnjselves. It aooumnlates there in the of snow some thrce-quartera of an inch iu thickness. The si!ov has to bo soraped off tho pipes froru time to time, and it isstated that tlio aocttumlafcion duringfivo days, n the thawing of 30 quarters of beef, as resui ted in no fewer than 1 fi8 pounds f wutar. During that same period the neat has lost only 1 par cent in weight. 'he purpose of the canvas curtain is to ivide tho a.wending warm carrent from he descendins oolrl onrrent, and it is laimed that the eiïect of this inoossant jassiug of the air first over the steam )ipes and tben over the freeziug pipes s eventually to freo it from all moistnre. Whcn tho meat is flrsl hung, the temperatura of tho room is almost at freezing point, but on t!iö fifth day the temparatnre of tbo chamber has been raised co that of tho air outsido. By this time the l'rost haa ail been thawed out of tho tneut, which isthen in a


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