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A peculiar appearance iu the front wiudows of au aristocratie boarding bouse on one of the leading avenues caused a discussion among passersby. ín each pane was a square oí white runs lin, with eiubroidered edges, which wa apparently glued to the pane. "That's a queer way of keepiug ou the light, " observad one citizen to aii other. "Must be souie new metbod of deco ratiou, " remai'ked another. "Don't you know what that is?" sai ayoang wonian toher husband. "That' a window lanndry. " "And what may that be?" "It's the way Jadíes who haard wash their fine handkerchieis. You see, it dries and irons them at the sarue time. " "I see," auswered tho youug ruau, j "that they adhere like postiige stamps. How do they do it?" "Oh, you first catch your window; theu you vash the panos and place the handkerchief againbt them, wringing wet. They stick like a piaster, aud wbeo thuy come off are as smooth as satin. Iu that way every wonian eau be her own laundress. ' ' "Isoe, "said her lmsband thoughtfnllv, "whyso rnauy families board. " -


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