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DISTRICT NO. 2, PITTSFIELÖ. Tbis school lias an eñroliment of36 and is in charge of Mr. E. N. Ufaodea, of Saline. Thure are B&veral large seholars in school. Tlie 8th grade arithrnetio class is well ad vaneed. Four expect to complete tho work of the district school this year. Mr. Rhodes holds a secón d grade certifícate andtakesan earnestand enthusiastic interest in bis work. Miss Maude Iíill is irtking soine íth grade work. II. II. Webl is director. DlSTlilCT NO. 9, AUGUSTA. This district, knowll as the 'Londen District," has an enrollinent of 17,vvith Miss May McGregor, oí Milán, as teacher. Misa Mctíregor is doing flrstclass work in tlie school roorn, iutroI ducing niany supplementary tliings. jShe iia.s given particnlar attention to language work, and also presented some very beautifully exeeuted rnaps drawn by the pupils. The whole school is characterized by a spirit of progession. The teacher gives special attention to Michigan by means of a map drawn for that purpose. This oral work by teacher is oüb of the best means poasible to increase the child's interest in lus school work. Mr. Ooiby, Ypsilanti, is director. DISTRICT NO. 5, AUGUSTA, Tbis district is known as the Islán d school." It has ai) enrollment of 21. The school is well supphed wiLh blaclc board space. The teacher is a good disciplinarían. The geography classes recited duving the visit of the 1 sioner and knew the assigned lesson well. Mr. Fullington is director. Miss Eflie Haight, of Milán, is in charge, j -MORGAN SCHOOL, AUGUSTA. This school has an eñroliment of 61, with Miss Stella Harria as teacher, i There are a number of large scholars in the school. Miss Harria is a hard worker in the school room, and is energetic and pairjstaking with the children. The school needs a uewdictionary. This is almost indispeosible iu giving instruction. Mr. Win. A. Hussell, of Willis, is director. EATON'S MILLS SCHOOL, AUGUSTA. The school has arí eñroliment of 61. Mr. E. C. Meade is teacher. He has i the school in perfect order, and is a man of fine attainments and is i stantly bringing them into operation in the school room. It is made a place I where the pupils love to go, and take a pleasure and a delight in their school work. The school room is nicely decorated with the drawing of the children, and large framed pictures of Washington and Lincoln are over the teachers desk. Mr. Meade has taken special pains with the sinall children, and has made a chart for this special work. The arthwetic classes recited and showed by their workthorough instruction. The whole school is characterized by a suirit of studiousness and progsession. It is recommended that the board purchase a chart for use in instructing the small children. Mr. Peppiott is director, Willis, Mich. DISTKICT NO. 11, YFSILANTI TÜWN. The school is pleasant and attractive, vell lighted and heated. Miss Agnes Finneli, of Ann Arbor, is the teacher in charge. She has succeeded in getting the scholars interested in this work. The advanced arithmetie classes are doing work in interest, and are thorougbly understanding the book as they pass over it. The school has an eñroliment of 31. The school has a good blackboard space. Mr. F. E. Fletcher, Willis, is director. THE TtJTTLB SCHOOL, YI'SILANTI TOWN. The school has an eñroliment of li). The lilac.kboHi'd was nipelv (1fiioin.t.prl with the work of the cbildren and other things. The school is supplied with an oigan, and it has every appearance of a little home for tbechildren. The pupils are careful and studious and learn their lessons well. Miss Tuttle, the teacher, holds a second grade certifícate, and is observant and thorough in her instruction, and is giving the district a good school. Considerable attention is given to language work, and the little ones in tbeir letter writing show the result of it. The township school entertainment was held in tliis school on Thursday evening. Everything was made convenient and agreeable for those from other schools. Mr. George Roberts is director. ALIJEN SCHOOL, ÏPSILANTÏ TOWN. This school is in charge of Miss Carrie Crysler. The enrollment is 27. Mr. Alban is director. DISTKICT -5, YPSILANTI TOWN. The enrollment is 20, with Miss Kate Crysler, of Ypsilanti, as teacher. The room is tidy and home-like. The teacher is doing good work for the obildren. The prirnary aritbmetic recited, and showed thát they understood what they passed over. The school is supplied with a good dictionary and a clock. Mr. B. D. Kelley, of Ypsilanti, is director. THOR DISTRICT, YPSILANTl TOWN. There are now in this school 21. The enrollment has been 28. The school room is well provided with blackboard space. The language class with its seven little pupils was very interesting, and is advancing nicely. Miss Rose Colby, a gradúate of the Normal School, is teacher. Her work shows she is thoroughly imbued with the spirit pf the school. Mr. George W. Slayton, of Ypsilanti, is director.


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