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Crushing A Foreign Shoe

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Foreip-ners havo a fatal in-ibility to appr ciate tho turna of Anitr'can humor and r.-partee and there is now a diplomat of ra-r ; ov U-ss prominenoe in the fúi-eifra service at Washington who is lookin for tha bioo 1 of an American correspondent on the score of an insult recaived in the theaW. They wero both staudin? back of tha rail m the National tho other evening durintr the performance of "Th s Littlo Trooper." The spriifhtly Della hal jiist rot through with her duel sceno, and the chorus broke out af tha mannor of chorusas to close u; t!ie act. His diplomáis vvas quito ta'cen with the porformance. "Aw, qu ia cleTah," ha ejaculated, "verwy cievah sword play for girls; let's have that apain, "and hu commenco l to applaud. "Qnite cievah," ha insisted, türning toa newspaper man st mJing aloajsidehim, "woa't you join mg ia thia encoré?" "Well, you'ra scen it once," was the dry response of tho blasé reporter. "If yoa want to sea it agr na why don't you coma in to-morrow oiffht?" The leg-ationer was quite taken oiï et by this uaexpectad rejoin.ler, . mul failed entirely to see any humor I in it. "I - er - don't you know I conI eider you qnite iaapartinent," exclaimed the would-bs encorar. "I e3 - in factthiuk you are n; antlemant" "And do you know what I think of you?" was the easy reply. "I think you arj no Judge." And the foreigner, who was lookintj for at loast a challenge to a duel, collapsud at this ] diiïerence to the co ie, while the correspondent and his naxt door naigfhbor wont out to g-et a drink.


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