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Iho Fifty-fourth congress will contain a considerable mimber of members of duplícate ñames. There are two members by the name of Arnold, me from Pennsylvania and one from Rhode Island; three Bakers, irom Kansas, Maryland and New HampI shire; two Bartletts, from Georgia and New York; two Bells, from Colorado and Texas; two Blakes, from Georgia and New York; two Burtons, from Maryland and Ohio; three Clarks, from Alabama, lowa and Missouri; two Cannons. from Illinois and Utah; two Cooks. frora Illinois and Wisconsin; three Coopers, from Florida, Texas and Wisconsin; three Curtises, from lowa, Kansas and New York; two Cobbs, from Alabama and Missouri; Gillett from Massachusetts and Gillett from New York; two Henrys.from Connecticut and Indiana; two Joh nsons, from Indiana nd North Dakota; two Millers, from Kansas and West Virginia; tvro Murphys, from Illinois and Arizona: two MoCalls, frons Massachusetts and Tennessee; Mine from New York and Minor fröm Wi consb biar the same name with th distinotion of one letter; two members bear the name of Russell, one from Connecticut and the other from Georg-ia. There are two Smiths, one from Illinois and one from Michigan; two Stones, both from Pennsylvanlaj two Turners, from Georgia and Virginia; two Walkers, from Massachueetts and Virginia. Then we have mora men the name of Wilson than any other- f o ar in all- from Idaho, New York, Ohio and South Carolina.


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