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Dined In Black

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AHhoiiifh the culinary art has ia the last twenty yenrs m:vle rapid strides, still there is a samenoaa about dinner parties, whíeh, to t.hj habitual d:nor out, comos but iHUe short of dr.ll monotony. Now and aprain howerer, one comes across a hostess whose imarriuation or eceeDtcicity is the meaas of provúlir. a meal her ,'ussts upon Unes otiier than those upou which the ordinury ainner is pivea. Sucha one was a lady who every vpr.r srave what she termed a memorial dinner on the anniversarv of iier husband's dsath. The room in wViich the dinner was (riveri '.vas draped for the occasion in mauve and biack, no other colors bemg visibl -. The tablecloth was ïikewise of mauve s:lk, while the 'only floral decoratious in use were viole ts. 'L'he lady g-uests were arrayed in citfaer black or mauve divsses; the footmen were dressed in black p!nsh breeches, mauve silk stockia-s na. black eoats. un ainnor oemg announccd llie hostess took the head of the table. bat oneither sido of her, seated upontwo stools, sat two black poodle doys, excellently clipped after the approved French fashion, and with mauve colored ribbon bows on their heads. These twodog's had been great pets of the lady's husband d uring his lifatime, and it was for this reasou that they were allowed a seat among the g-uests at the dinner tablo. The menu was remarkable ior the I absence of any color in the viands save mauve, the rest either , black or white. Thus the soup was j white, likewise the fish an.l entrees. I as regards the game, the lady got over the difficulty, or at least met it half way. by providinjr blackeock. The sweets were either mauve colored or white, while at the end of the dinner black coffee was served.


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