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The Bridal Suite Of Nicholas Ii

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"Vaiw.ty íair" gives a description Jf the partments in tha Winter palace tliat are occupied by Nicholas II and hls bride. The bridal suita was oace occupied by Alexandria Feodorovna, cousort of Nicholas f. It opens out of the Pompeiiaa chambers and includes the famous receptionroom, which is lined with malachito and lighted with candelabra of lapislázuli. Almost all of the furniture is richly g-ilt, and the chief decorations are copies of Raphael's paintings. Tho bedroom is chiefly remarkable for a magnificent frieze, and out of the adjoining dressing-room a heavily curtained door leads to the RomanoMoresque bath, which is one of the most noteworthy features of the whole palace. In a little room hard by the imperial family used in former years to pa,,-ï their e veninas toether. A private marble 'staircase gives access to a sort of grotto and conservatory that are filled with luxuriant tropiaal vjjetation.


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