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The Duke And The Toad

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.Napoleon was worshiped and fearid, but men loved and adored the Iron Duke. Of the former, how iew are tho kindly human traits recorded! while of the other, to this ay fresh proofs lceop coming1 to ligfht of in:pla Bweetnesu dwellin-jf loncr ia the m m ts of men. followinjf neniof.a o nceminy s. letter lately exhamo I may serve as one instanoo out r{ :l tho son I iliustratin t!io sympatUatic nature of the groat commander. T:a letter, ko fnr :s my raomory serves, was in so;rf! unen term'i as thene: "Field Marshal the Duke of Wellington beifi to inform Williara liarris that hls toad is alive and well." It seems tht tho duke, i1! the ooursa of a country stroll. hnri oome upon a littls boy weepin! bil.tsrly over a toad. A Btran?'a trio they mast have b en- the Ian, koen-eyed old soldier, the flushed, sobbiu boy and b3tween them the wrinkled reptüa squatting, with tearloss eyes and throbbing Bidas. Tha boy wept because he was g-oing to soliool next day; he had come daily to fecd his toad; the little héart wa? racked with prief because he feared his darlinsy would be neg'lected when he was gone and might starve. The dake's heart was as soft as the boy's, for ha undertook to see that the toad was looked after, and the letter above quoted is one of the subsequent bulletins.


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