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The recent allegations of smuggling of society women remind me of a very good story, and a true one, told of a well-known New York woman whose husband was minister to the court of Napoleon II T. during the sixties. In those days there was a premium on gold, and as all payments in Europe were necessarily on a gold basis, a person giving acommission to a friend would naturally offer her gold to pay for it with. This lady, it seems, made frequent trips, and was much burdened by commissions to buy such and such a ;hing in Paris for her numerous 'riends, many of who:n neglected to supply her beforehand with the wherewithal to pay ior them either in trold or any oth? : ïorrn of money. Af ter awhile the aisance bacamo so freat that she ilatermined to take ïeroic ineasiru.j. Returningr íroin a certain trip she brought back the articles that had been paid ior, but neglected to brinar those whioh had been ordered on credit. And this was the way she explained it to her friends: "Yöu see, voy dear," she would say, "it was like this. You gave me an order for that shawl. The first day out I went all over my orders as I was sitting on deck. I had them all written out on slips of paper. In order to arranpe them, I took them one by one and put them beside me on the spat. Those that wero accorapanied by the gold I put with the money on top of them, but just when I had finished a gust of wind carne and blew all the others away, among them yours. Wasn't it too bad? Of course I could not remember those that blew away, and so bought none of them." She was not bothered after that by any commissions unbacked by the yellow metal.


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