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Famous English Swords

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Wboever visita tho Loudon Towor may enjoy a veritable feast of swords, but amid the uuinbcrless array of weapons there aro on e or two that aro especially worthy of uotico. There is tho sword of 8tate, which is girt on tho j tuonarch's side after bis aiiointing at ! the imposi:ig ceremony of coronstion, j which gilding is more honored in the ! breaob, ono wonld stippose, wheu the monarch is a lady. The sword ia first conseoriitt'd by the primare, and by bim ; haudcd to the lord ohamberlain, who completes tho fnnction. It isa two hand ed vreapon, v.iih rich decoratioiis on bilt and pommel r.nd Ecr.bbard. Of scaroely less importaiioe is the ' 'sword af n;erc", ' ' borne before tho sovereign iu the nation procession. This sword is named ' Cartana, but ti;ons;h tindoubtedly very anoieut it can hardly claim to be the original Curtana iorged by the famoaa j Munifioan. This original Curiana was the ïnagio ! weapon of ,Ogier tho Daue, hold knight , of Chariemaf?i;o's most warlike rlays. i Our own Cnrtana ia in any case niany centuries oid. It is square pointed, with I the look as though tho point had boeu brokeu short; henee possibly its name. j A fine gold wira covers its handlo, and ; tbc scabbard ie rernarkably órnate. Two ■ other sworcls are carried at the coroimtiou coremony - sworda symbolioal of spiritual and temporal jnstice, tho flrst with au obtusa poiut, the lattür tnarp. Curtan a aud these two justice swords ■ nre ïiot often oallod upon to ïnake a j lic ap'jfi'.ïiice. It is happily more thaii ii half ceattiry hice fcbey tv ore last requiïed at a uoronation, but whenever the soverüign opens parliament iu son thesword of state first mentioned is , cal led tïo;;i its repose. The lord mayor's sword is even more familiar to the general public, and not only Loudou, but most other corporatioñs, have their sword and sword bearer. It is a picturesque survival of the middle ages, whioh ouewould regret to seeabolished - part of the ritual of stato customs, which ritual is by no mearía meaningltiss. Public action must often be of a figurativa character. Such is the mode by wuich the city of London sometimes doea honor to thosewho haverei)dered the nation good service, presentiiig to them swords of houor. These civio swords have been given to uien likt Lord Napier, Lord Clyde, Lord Wolseley. Wellington received one in his day,


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