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Eccentricities Of Dickens

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In f urjo Interesting ■'■ ■ :ons of . h: i . Diofcene," in lur Yoiiu : Man, ais eiie6t tíaughter tcllís i w, ai' ter the railway acoident; whioh bofdl the novel Ist in 18H"), ho of ten Bnffered from a feeling of intonso dread wheuevor he fouutl hiïjiself in nny J;im) of conveyance: "One occasion, " sho says, ■iIspecially ri'call. Vvhile we wcro on our way from London to onr little country statiou Higham, where.the carriagewas to meet; us, my father suddenly clutclmd the arras of the railv;ay carriage seat, while hia face grow ashy pale, and great drops of pcrspiration stoorl upon bis forehead, and though be tried to master the dre;;d it was so strong that ho had to leave the train at the next station The ftcüideuthaaieft it.-, imprfcssiou upon the memory, aud it was destined nevür to be sfiaced. " lúiss Dickens, when an in valid, was irequently carried into her father's study and 1 . v quietly on the sofa watchílig the in-"' list at work. On these oocasions sbe sometimes witness of a curious prooeeding in which the novelist indulged: "Suddenly my father would jump frora bis chair and rush to a rnirror which hnEg uoar, and in which I conld see the reflvction of some estraordinary facial contortions wliich he was making. Ho retnrued rapidly to his desk, wrote furiously for a few minutes, and then went again to the mirror. The facial ! pantomimo wusresumed, and then, turninf! toward bat evidcntly not seeing me, i he began tu:king rnpidly in a low tone. ! Ceasing this soon, however, he returned I once more to his desk, whero heremain ed 3ileutly writiag antil hincheon timo. " It was not till Ion, afterward that; Miss Dickens discovered that, with his natural intensity, her fathei' had thrown himself iuto tho character that he was sreating, "and that tor the time being ho had uot only lost sight of bis snrroundiiigs, but had actually become in aotion, as in imagiuation, the porsonality of his peu. "


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