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CAN I OBTATN A PATENT ï Fors prompt answer and an lionest opinión, wrlte tq BI li N N ifc CO., wtao have bad nearly flf ty years' experience In the patent business. Communications Btrictly confldential. A HnnilbooU of Information concerninR 1'ntentA and how to obtain them sent free. Also a catalogue of mecnanlcal and scientiflo books sent free. Patents taken tbrouRh Munn & Co. recelve special notlceintbe Scicntiflc Americnn, and thus ara brought wtdely beforethe public witbout cost to the Inventor. This sDlendld paper, Issued weekly, elegantly illustrated. has by far the larprest circulatiou of any scientiflc work In tne world. S3 a year. Sample copies sent free. Building Edition, monthly, f 2.50 a year. 8lnfle copies, 'S cents. Every number contains beautiíul platea, in colors, and photocraphs of ncw bouses. witb plans, enablingbuilders to show tbo latest designs and secure contracts. Address MUNN & CO., New Yohk, 31 Bhoadway. Commlssioners' Notice. rTATl. MICHIGAN', COUNTY OH . Washtsnaw The undershned ha-vina bcenap' X)intcd ly Ihc tvobate Conrt for said Countv,Cornnissioners to reccive, exftmine and aiijuyt -all cliümi ind demanda of uit persons atfninst the cstiite ol Daniel L movan, late J' said Countv, deceased, lierehv pivc nolice thai SÍX moilths iVom dal1 ;irf :iilowed, by order of said Prohate Court, for ert-ditors to preselit tlit'ir claims :i vainst estáte ol Klid de ceased, nul Unit thevwill moelat the lateiMileno oí sfild decesad, iu tlt' 'ownsliipof Nurthtteid. in said Cmintv, on the d day ol April .n.l on the 2'2d dnyol July ni-xt. ;ti ten nfcluck a ofeacb of sniii davs. to rei'eivi;, exnniine and Ailjust said oLllins. Diitc.1, J.niüar 23 1805 BEBN IRB VU1IP Y, ; i AKD CU 1I1LL oinmissioncrs. I Estáte ot Elle O'K..ra. ' CtTATK OF MIOHIGTAN. OOUNTT í O "( Wachtpnfts m U n sf sxloi nflhf Prolmli 1 CoiutfurMí' Oninty of Wash)enw.holdnal the i l'roliale OiFee In the C ty ni Aun Ari-or, on ' T icsflay, the 2d rtay of innuary. i' fli. year oni1 i iM'imai d "if "e . huudred ftüd ainety-ÖT i Present. J.Wülani ■ i.bhitt Judge -f Prn" ! In the mntiiir of the aar'atf ot Ellen O' Hará, deeeascd 1 ÜnreuHnfrandnliugthe petition duly verftiA i Ellen Walali, pra-int; thiit. t.ha 1 tion of Sftid esiae ninv be gr,mled to James { Wals.or bñidi1 otbtrsuitahl puisun. '; Thereupon it ís mait"i. 1 1 1 ■ Monda, 'he : i8th ■'.iiy of Pebrna'y noxt. at lev o'clock I' in tlu í'oftn-ioti. he HMQuned tor the Ing of ítiKi petition, 9níl thiit the he.ira : al law of mid decensed and ail othw penom : íntereHted iu aaid estáte, are lequlreii to nppear I at a Mpslon of aid O'mrt, th"n to he holden ai t lie ', Proha;r Ortico. in the city of Aun Arhor, anc! shnw cauye, if any be. why thep-avor of the p t tioner shoul'í do lí ffranted : Aiul It ltfurthfr orderod.lh'ii Hiid ptiilonegí ; notice (o tu &VTma ii ctu-i'i' iu aid eatHtc oí The j pendencyoisHidpcütion, aiul hfiarlov thereof, : bTcausinij a copy of thm ordr lo l pnblih;d iu the Aks Vrbor iiioi'. ofWVpapet prnitd L and dreulated Ín soid Couoty, three aúcoeasiTe M wertks previous to siid dKV ot tu ariiu: J. WILLAKD BABB1TT. [A true copy] Judjfe of Prohafe.' ! WlíXIAM (i. IOTY. Prolate Re-isTer Estáte of Ariel H. Fiilmore. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, COÜNTY OF O Washtenaw, ss. Ata session of the Prohato Court tor the County of Woshtenaw, holdou at the Probate O'tieein the Ctftv of Aun Arbor, on Mouchiy. the aSth day í January, in the year one' tb'ousand eighl Imndred . and nmeiv-tive. Present", J.Willnrd Babbitt, Judsre of Pro-' In the mHtter of the esiate of Ariel H. Fülraore, det:iMi] Catheriae M. Fiilmore, exectitrix of Iho last wlll and testament f aald deeeas -d comes into court and represent? that is oow prepared torender her aunual account assucu exeiirrix. Thercuuon it is ordered tbai Mondar, the 26ib dny of February next, nt lOo'olool in the forennón, be assigntd for examlnlujr and illowinw sueh nccount, aud thit tlie devi(is. legatees and be rs-at-law of said dcased and all other pert-ons intcn-sted in said estHíe, u re requlreri to api.par at a session of said Court, then be to holden at the Probate Office, in the City of Ann Arbor, in ssid County, aud show cause, if any there be, why the s:iid accmint should not be allowed. And it is further ordered that said executrix Klve notiee to the persous Interested In said estste. of the pendency of said account, and the hearing thereof, bj eausing a oopy of tliie order to be published in the Ann Atbor Arg-us, a newspaper printed and oirculatiuir in said county, three succeaeive weeks preyious lo Baid day of hearini?. J. WTLI.AUT) RABBITT, Judge of Probate. (A true copy.l VVm.G. Ootv. Probate Heelster. Estáte of Mary Lyrrurt STATE Ol!' MICHIGAN, COUNTY ol VVuyhtenaw, ss. At a sesMonof the Probate Court lor llieCoimty of Washtenaw, holden at tht Probate Office in the city of Ann Arbor, od Frlday, the eifilitn ilay of iebruary. In thf vear onf thotismu.! olght hundred and Linety-five , Present, J. Willard Babbitt, Judge of Probate. Ir the matter of the eBtate of Mary Lyraan, deeeased. JamfsH. Ly man, the administra tor of aid est itf, conjes into cour' and Ihit he is now preoared to rendcr bis linal account as such tdminiBtra'or. Tliereupon it is ordered thut Tneslnv. the twulfth day of Marcb next, at t'n o'clock. in the forenoon, be nasis'ne'l ftr oxamlniug ann allowitifi uch account, and that the ln-irs t 1 iw oi mhiI decettsed, and uil other persona Intereated insald estáte, u re reqniipd to f ppear nt asen-nm uf said court, then o be holden at the Probate office, ïnthecity of .V:in Arbor, in suld connty.and Show cause, lfanv there be, why the Klkl uccuiint hoiil'l not be allowfd: And it is lurtber ordered, tbal said admimstrntor jjive notice to the pers'.ns intci'tBtPd in Raid estáte ol' the ifndency of sftid account, unrt the lieurint thereof, by causing a copy of this order to be publicbud in tn Ann Aitnou Akoub, u newspaper prmted andcirculaÜDg in 8aid county, threo sucerssive weeks previous to said dav ol lieairiuij J W1LLAFD BAIiBITT, (A. iruecopy. ) Judge of Probate , William O Doïv. ProVwte EeaiBter. jRL' 5M . ; 3H ,__ KSPVIE. A. RUPPERT ySyW 8P.ys:'-J '-■_■:':■: . ) ,A (bat .'a &uiinsuintvould kot tr" ?ƒ""■ "wl 5 I ij World-Eenowni ; Facb v, Fi IW Blsach: 'out hava bscju mSw .Vt kept fromdotnc o h{L coñnt,.. prlci ■ BR y Wé& perbntilcoriibouit' StSïC PJtfs tosrelber, 5.00. In order CünHHpw' t: ' ■ il -u a!l of these Bay bare i anopportnnlty.I wlllgiTa S:7 ö to eTöry caller, abaolntelj ■'ZL ■ írso, u sample iiot ' "}} ,y -yinorclertosupplytbosaout Ofcfc-ÉÊZÜ=of clty.or in any pat 1 1 world.Iwillsend iteafeiy packedin pUtlairrappei all churaos pre paid.for 26 cents, silveror stamp." In everyoasoof ltecfclei pimples. moth, s;illowness, black hcods,acne,eezemn,ollincss. iv w.w. ness or any Uiscoloration ordisensool theskin, and'wrlnklesinot eaused by incluí exprcesion) Faob BLEACHrpmoves absnlutely. It doos not cover up, ns cosmetics do, but is a cure. Acidiosa MÍDAME A. KXIlPKKT,(Dpt.O.) No.aEa8tl4th8t., NEW YORK CITY.


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