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Mortgage Sale. WHEHBAS DBKAÖL't HAS BEEN MADE in the termsof payment ol a certaln mortgaKi' ïi vi ii ou ihc sixtpenth day of April A. l). 189, t'.v John N. Hum and Blmira V. i'um hl wife, ot bildftewa er, Washtenaw Oounly. Micliiiïrtn. t Jiiruea Kohoe. of the sumo plaoe, whlcli tnorrgagë i u record In ihe Kettlster of Desda offlce tor e 'iii founty ot tVaghteDaw. In líber ÏH on (nLre 2Su,on tho ■ i ■ 1 1 1 1 !■ dny 01 April, A. !). 1.-H.'. ADdwhereus the amount clalroed to be dne on saii mortgage fti ths date hereof la th suin ut six hundred i;l(thty-ii1ne ui-d 64-10U dollars of principa] and interest, ;ind ti.e furtIht sum ot twenty-five duitars as au at'orney let' st i pulalt'.: lor in said nionírax', and Yllich W the wliole amount claimed to be duo upou said moi'rj-'iige, ai'd nc suit or proceediiiKU havini; bron Instltuted to recover the debt s curea bv sald morrsAgre or any part thi.Teof .wiiereby the power of ealo in said mortgagc luis beuome operatlve. Now, tberetore notico is lieveby sivcn tbat by virtue oí' said power of sale and in purauance ot tho S'aiute in sucb case mudo and provlded, the said mortgaKe will be foi-oolosed by a Bale or the premlsee thereio dencrlbed at public auctlon to the hitrhest bidder at the front door of the oourt house, in t hu city of S nu Artor, 'n Baid co.nty of W'ashtcuav, on the twenty-third day 01 February nest at one o'cloek in toe afteinoon of that day: wliicli said premi os are describud in t-uid mortgage as follows: bnlng in the lownehtp of Brldgewwter, Wishtonaw co mty, Mlohf Kan, ana belnK the easl half of the easthalf of the HOithwest quarter of seciion twentyseven, in tovn fourso fii of ranire foureast, and cootalning tojty acres of lund. Dated lHM'uuiberfi, lïiU. JAMES KEIIOR. WALTEK O. BUBRIDOE, Uortgagee. . Attorney íor Moi'lK'Aaee. Notice to Crertltors. ÜTATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTY if Wa-hteraw kk. Notie? in luieby i;iveu, fhr! by :m niilr of the Probate Onurt for tlie (.ïoiinlv o f WttHhtt'intw, ma'K' cm the f-iureenthday of Januar a. I). LH95. is uionths trom that date wcre allowed for (redltom to prosent their il:iiiUN ugain&i nu pRUte f Etuily L. Pancei, late of Bnitl couiiv,'] ■i;i-fil( niidlhat ill creöitons ijf saiii doceHsed air ïvquiroti lo prosent thcir Hüiras ro s;iiil he frobate OtHoe In the city ut Aon Arbor, for ftxaml nat ion and nllowfinci' en or befbre tbe fifieeirh day of July, next, and ihut Bucb flaizos will be hen il before saiö covirt on (h ttffpemh d;iv ot April, uud on the flfteetitb ditj of July next. at leu o'clock in uiH fort-noon of o.uli i -ani (iaya. Dïitfd. Ann Arbor, Jaartary 15, A. H lS9"i. . WILLARD UAÍílUTT, i Judffeoi lrohaie. Estáte ot Amanda G. Buck. QTATEOP iMKïtlIGAN, COÜNTY 0 of W.i-lvenaw as. ' ;i tujsdïori ui the; Court U)r the e -unty of Wnyhletriw, holden Ht 'he pTobate olttco In the city of Ann Arbor, on Wedncsdftjr, the ,!0'h d.iy of Jftnuary. in the year ihousund efeht bundr M and oluftty-fiTe t,.T. Wi lam Babbitt Ju-ltre oï Probate. In the nmtter oi th Ortate of Amanda G Buck, áeopasi d On rffadiiitf aöd ftlin : the pet i t ion. dul v v-rirled, of Fvaoo's A.. Cars'Ui, prayiDfü ibfti acrtnin in,h roni-ni nnw jq file in this Conit. puroitiMg to 'be the last Will and testament ofnaid decenited may 'in' jidinittt-d to piobat' nnd timT ndniiiiuttratlon of sid estele inay be sraatod 1.0 herseït, the éxe.u'rix ïu s;iid will named.orto tfomeotherduitailf peraun. ■ fherenpo'i tis ordered, thjit Monday. Ibe 25IU dayof Fttbrnarynext, i r-n 'cïoch i;i ibe forcpooc He Hssint-H for 'he hearing ol Baid petition, and th;U the dev]s66a, 1 crnteea -ut-, hei r at luw of sairl deceaecdf ril! all oiber pt'rHOnR inlrrented 1 in aftidwtaU rtsquiröd to appear ;it a serfion of sutd coint, thet' co bv holden at tjp . róbate Office in the citv 01 Aun A rbnr. :iod sh'tw, it anv thpri' be why the pr-yer of the petitioner sb' ui-1 not he grantd. And it is furtherordered thul aaïd pctitioner g-ve notice to the persona interested inauid ttsiñte,"f thependocy of eaid petitiou an] the beannr thereof. by causing a oopy of this rdei ti be publisbed in the ann Akbor Akmüs. a newspnper pricted I and circulfite'i in satd oounty throb tucccBí'iTe week? previoup to salrf dv ofheArine, J. WJLLAUD BA8ÚITT. ! A truooopy.) Judge of 1' róbate. Willïav DÓty. Proba tt; Kt'nNt.-c. Notice to Crtíditors. OTATE OF MIUHK.AN, COUNTY 0 of Wmtatenaw, ss. Notice i horeby glveo, that tiy an onler f the Probnte Uourl for the County "f , riuide on the aSth diiy ut December, A. Lí. 18Ü4, six njonthfi from tbal uate. were allowed tor editor to prewral iheir clninih agaliot the estáte of Nflson Miibcrland, lut 01 snij eounty.deceaaed.andibat all Wedltor of said deeeaseiiiire icquiren to preKsnl i licirehnmiito saii) Prob'iie Oontt, Kt ihe Probate Office in the cityofAnn Arbor, rorexAtnina ion and iilinwance, on or hcloie the 2SU1 d;iy 01 Juno uext, and tliat such duim vriU ho lu;..rü bt-tore eaid Court on the 2-th day ol Man-h, and in Ihe a8th duv "t June nest, ui tu o'elotk in thf forenoon of each 01 anvi d.iys. Dati'l Aun ArboT, DfOinb'T SS, A. D. 1894. J WHJiARD I! HUITÏ, Ind're al t'rohai. Commissioners' Noice. STATE OF MICHIGAN, COÜNTY OF Waabtenav. The uncliTlgned huvini? been anpninieil by the ProbuU Contt lor mid County, Commlssionera 'o roeive, examine and adji'nt all claims and demandn ut all persona against th estáte of liicliard Nou land, late of smd County, deceased, hcrehj irive notice tbal 'tx montfie from date are allowed, dj order ol sütl Probate Court, for Creditor to present tbeir olaima agalnst the estáte of eald deceased, and tbat they wiT) meet at th re9id'-m!c of Jcssp Steff, in the iown9hip of Northtii ld in nid county, "?i the 25 li day of Maren and on 1I10 2)ih !:■ ol nest, at ten o'olock A. M of i'ii' li ol :iitl days, to receive, examine and inljiist s.tM oininiH. Datcd Decimher 24, I1-04. JOHN O'IIAHA. y. bUR im.ame, OomniiaBjopera - . WïïWM mm BWiURtOiltTtlCUSriUHtiltitJiiLÏISitJJJilttlL'aiL '%%%■ Mild &(Lx. x r a. F(WC THE AMERICAN 1DB.UC0 CDMPAHTt SbCCESSOR. W ABSOLUTELY PURE THE OLD RELIABLE SWEET CAPORAL CICARETTE Has stood the Test of Time MORESOLDTHAN ALL OTHER BRANDS COMBINED


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