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Lynx, tf.tum , Feb. 14.- Firo brofee out sbout 8 o'clock last night in the basement of a tbreo-story wooden building occupied by W. Henry Hutchlnson, hardware, and ipreud to adjoiniug property, ontailIng a loss of ?100,000. ïhree men were ki led, ten injured and two are missing, supposed to bo buried in the ruina. The dead are: Captain Hinry Skinner, chomioal No. 1: Thomas Murray, hoso No. 5; John Conlin. hosembn. Missing - Georpe Buttock, flreman; Kimball, olerk, suDposed to havo been in the building vhen the flre brokt? out. Nauies of the Ten Woundotl. Injnrod - George Middleton of stearacr No. 3; William Hunt, of hoso No. 5; William Hinten, of chemical No. 1; Charles Corson, engineor of steauior No. 4; George Center; Nlcholaa Wabber, of hose No. 3; Leo Hiller, of hose No. 4; A. C. Moody, of hose No. 8; Lorenzo Al ley. drivor of steamer No. B. An inspector as also injured by fallins; dübris, but not seriously. The blaze startod near the paint room in the Hutchinsou building, and pvomised to do but slight damago for the üra half hour, during which the efforts of the flremen oonflned it mostly to the basement and flrst ñoor of the building. Death Was Laylug in Walt. As the couflagratlon was in the very heart of tho most dangerous district in rLynn a socoutl itnd third alarm had been ruug in as a procaution. When the flre had boen burninjr half an hour, withouC warning a torrilio explasion occurred, which seeraed to split the building from bottom to top. The upper storios separated and Iho long ladders oh which several dreinen stood slippedand Leil into the cavity, and tbe mou were hurlod to tho parament beneath. Then tho building feil, a mass of rvins, and wich fresh energy the flamea becran to spread. Help iroin Salem and Marblehend. The noxt building was occupied by Peter Connolly, a Wholesale and retail shoe dealer. This was wholly dostroyed and tho fury of the ñames was unchecked. Assistance was then summoned from Salem and Marblohead. Tho flamea swept on to the threeand-a-half story wooden building adjoining, occupied by T. J. Roady, dealer in new and second hand furniture, and Paraons & Licke, barbers. This building was also totally destroyed Meanwhilo assiatance arrived. Tons of water were poured upon the flamos and they were flnally oheckod aftor having raged for three hour3.


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