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Crushing A Foreign Snob

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Foreiffners have a fatal inabllity to appreciate the turns of American humor and repartee, and thera is now a diplomat of more or less prominenoe in the foreign service at Washington who is looking for the blood of an Amerioan correspondent on the acor of an insult received in the theater. They were both standing back of tho rail in the National the other eveniir; durinjr the performance of "The LittU Trooper." The spriyhtly Della htl just tfot throuffh with her duel scetu, and the chorus broke out after tb manner of choruses to closs np thé act. His diplomáis was quite takan with the performance. "Aw, quita i clevah," ho ejaeulated, "rerwy elevah swoi-d play for g-irls; let's havu that atrain," and he commenceH to applaud. I "Quite cleviih," he iusisUd, turning' ! to a newspapor man stvndiDg1 alonjV ! side him, '-won't you join me in thia 1 encoré?" "WbH, you've' seen it once," was ; the dry response of the blasé re porter. 'íf yon want to see it ag-ain why don't you coms in to-morrow niffht?" The log-ationer was quite taken oï his feet by this unexpected rejoiñder, Rnd failed eDtirely to see aDy humor in it. "I - er--.lon't yon k now I consider you quita importinent," exclaim ed the would-ba encorer. "I - es - in f act thiuk you ara do g-entleman!" "And doyou know what I think of you?" was the easy reply. "I think you are no judg-e." And the foreignor, who was lookiug for at least a challenge to a dul, coilap3ad at this indiiïerence to tb.9 coie, while the correspondent and his ne:it door naig1!!bor wpnt out to get a driuk.


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