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Early Spring Trade!

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FOR THE ■"■'- New Dress Fabrics L& 50 Pieces Black Wool Goods open for February Sale. 4u inch all wool Serges and Henriettas, at 37Lc a yd. 46 inch all wool Serges and Henriettas, at 50c a yd. 40 inch pure figured Mohairs, a bargain, at 37-c a yd. 45 inch tígured Granites, Serges and Momies, at 50c and 65c ñ v a yd. 1 Black Crepons, Rock Wool Crepons, Alligator Crepons, Dimpled Crepons, - Only largre stock in Ann Ai'bor. New Oolored Dress Goods 30 pieces new Plaids, at 25c a yd. 25 pieces lovely new French Plaids, at 50c a yd. 40 inch wool Checks and Mixtures, the 75c kind, at 50c a yd. 40 inch wool Serges and Henriettas, the 50c kind, at 37Lc yd. 46 inch French and Storm Serges, the 75c kind, at 50c a yd. New Spring Silks KLE. 25 pieces fancy Wash Silks, the 50c kind, at 35c a yd. 30 pieces Swivel Taffeta Silks, the 45c kind, at 39c a yd. 20 pieces figured Taffeta Silks, at 75c a yd. 10 pieces Plaid Silks, the $1.00 kind, at S5c a yd. 50 pieces new Spring Ginglmins, at 5c, 8c, and 10c a yd. Linings, all wool Rustling Moreen. Herring bone Hair Cloth, Linen and Cotton Grass Cioth, Linen Scrim for slee.ves, and Fibre Chamois. 4" pieces new Outing Flannels, at 5c, 8c and 10c a yd. ijUliil lilis II Ui lÍÍillllllli,LowPrices. I


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