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Word Of Jacobs And Hiscock

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The Velasco World from far oft Texas, under date of February 16, contains the following: "Hon. J. T. Jacobs and Mr. Charles E. Hiscock, of Ann Arbor, Mich.. came down last week looking for sunshine and opportunities to make the best investments possible. The former, vvho already has large interests in Velasco, is a member of the United States Board of Indian Comraissioners and president of the Ann Arbor school board, and was prominently mentioned as a candidate for congress at the November elections. Mr. Hiscock is cashier and a director of the Ann Arbor Savings bank, an institution with $50,000 capital, over $1,000,000 deposits, and $150,000 surplus. This was the second trip these gentlemen had made, and they found many changes since their previous visit in the autumn of 1-891. A real estáte agent offered to buy someof Mr. Jacobs' Velasco property, and received the following answer: 'Ño, sir. My property is not for sale. I knew what I was doing when I bought it, and'! want it now. it is not on the market. I have made a good deal of money on real estáte, and never lost a dollar in my life by that kind of investment, and I am not going back on my judgment now. When I first came to Velasco I said this was a good thing and a sure thing, and I now see additional and better reasons for feeling as I did then. That's all there is about it. ' By the way, young man, I knew this country before you were born . I came down this rich coast for Uncle Sam during the civil war; but we did no harrn to anybody or anything in Brazoria county. Since that time I have liked the climate and everything else so well that I would be glad if I could spend the rest of my life in Velasco; and it is not ' altogether improbable that I shall be here permanently at some future day.' " These gentlemen left on Tuesday for Los Angeles, Cal., for a six weeks' stay, Mr. Jacobs promising to return by way of Velasco."


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