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The Ann Arbor Railroad

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Tho official report of Kailroad Commissioner Billings for 18'J4, which has just been issued. speaks in the following complimentary tornis of one of Michigan's great rallway systems: "When making tho aunual iuspoction of the various roads, notes weiö taken as to tho general condition of the proi)erty wlth a view to ascertain whother the physieal condition of the roads was being neglected in keeping with the general shrinkage in business, and I an pteased to state, as the result of a careful and close observation that the property as a whole is not neglected, bur, on the con tra ry, is made better. "Tnick struetures aro made more permanent whero repairs are necessary to bo made. In many cases, old trestlos are beiug leseened by filis; stone and irou plplng taking the place (r wcxd culvcrts; stono abutments are substitutod for bents and piling and wood bridges are replaced by iron. "Ia tlie operkting machlnery the .saine gradual iiuprovements are noticoablo and there are but few roads which are an exceptlon to this gradual growth. "The nmst notable iniprovemcnts found on any of the roads, the T.. A. A. & X. M. Iiy. takts the lead. J'our Btéam shovels have boon thoroughly manned and operated during the season, accomplishiug alinosi an im-rodiblo amount of work. "The grades have been gieatly losüsennd and are belng brought tu a uniform standard. "Many of their bridges have been shortened and iron pipiiip nscwl for culverts. "It is elainied 'that the south half of tho ï-oad Wlll soon be in condition for ono engine to haul 50 loaded cars going south. "If the improveinonts are carrled on next year as anticipated, finishing the work whlch was so well begun of reducing grades, ballasting tho road with gravel, taking out the curves and shortening tho road such as that contempla ted north of Aun Arbor, where in will aborten tho road three miles and do away with many dangerous curres, the T., A. A. & X. M. Ry. will stand among the flret of the roads running in the northern part of ltnver Michigan. "To do justice, I should ment ion that in bringing tho road from its low and unsafo condition to its present standard in so short a time, and for the amount of moiiey expended, much credit is due to the business ability of the receiver and the executlve energy of its manager."


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