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Mr. and Mrs. Alger and faraily spent the Sabbath in Ann Arbor. John Gallagher was in Ann Arbor on business last week. Wm. Curlett and family were the the guests of Pinckney friends, Sunday. Frank and Wirt Carpenter wei e at the couity seat on business, Friday. John McComband wife, of Pinckney, have been visiting his parents Henry Cobb, of Pinckney, spent the week in this vicinity. Burt Hudson and family spent Sunday and Monday in the village. Mr. Bush, of South Lyon, visited his sister the rïrst of the week. Mrs. J. Stanton and Mrs. T. Stanton, of Webster, spent Friday here. Mr. Elsasser was on oui; streets one day last week. Leander Alley made his Detroit friends a short cali, Friday. There is talk of our village having a canning factory. Thomas McLaughlin, of Bay City, is spending a few days with oíd friends. Mrs. J. Pratt Penama is the guest of her relatives for a few weeks. L. Hadley, of Lyndon, was the guest of his daughter the first of last week. Misses Lulu Barton and Josie Hadley, of Unadilla, spent the past week here. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lavey are reoicing over the advent of a daughter, bom Beb. 10. Mrs. D. Litchfield and son, of Chicago, are visiting relatives. Willis Benton is confined to the "ïouse with rheumatism. The many friends of Fred Lemmon will find him at the store of Wagner & Co., Ann Arbor. Business called H. S. Holmes of Chejsea, here Monday. Hugh McCabe visited Northfield relatives Sunday. Mrs. Puliver is quite sick at this writing. Mr. Thurston and family have been entertaining triends from Ann Arbor. T. McComb and Al. Schermer horn were in Pinckney, Monday. Mrs. L. D. Alley and lady friend spent Friday and Saturday with her mother in Pinckney. Olarence Carpenter and wife enteriained friends last Sunday. An Ypsilanti firm purchased the boot and shoe stock of Chas. Stan aard on Monday. F. S. Alley and wife have moved into Mr. Booth's house. H. W. Newkirk was in Detroit on business, Wednesday. James Armstrong is home from his Jackson visit. L. H. Beebe, of Munith, formerly of Pinckney, died recently, at an advanced age. VVill Taylor and sister were called to Chelsea, Wednesday, to attend the funeral of their cousin, Charles Taylor. Mrs. Kirkland was surprised by a party of her Webster friends, Saturday evening, and all had a good time. Jay Greene and wife, of Ann Arbor, spejit the last of the week here. George Holmes and wife entertained friends, Saturday and Sunday. Mrs. M. McNally„ of Ann Arbor, was the guest of her parents last week. Geo. Hodson has rented R. C. Reeves' farm in Webster. Theo. Haab has rented Alonzo Davis's farm in Lima, and will move there soon. ihe dance at W. D. Smith's last Friday night, given by John Farrell and Rob. McNeil, was a grand affair and was attended by one hundred and six couples. James McCabe and sister spent last week in Ypsilanti. Henry Fleming visited his cousins in Podunk, Sunday last. Mrs. Frank Carpenter entertained friends, Friday. Will Rowell has returned to his home in Wayne, after several weeks' stay with his brother and other friends. Mr. Cook and daughters made their Ann Arbor friends a visit last Wednesday.


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