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Douglass Is Dead

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WASHINGTON. Keb. 31. - Jf reüenclc Fv,,,elass, the distinguishcd freedman, orr id diplomat, died a few minutes Lrr 7 o'clock last night Bt his residence ,„ Anacostia, a suburbof this olly.of heart !iiuro is death was entirely unexted as he ha(i been eniying the best {healih ümüig the afternoon he tended the convbiition of the Wo;rum's Gouncil, now in progress in this city, and chatted with Snsan B. Anthony and othprsofthe leading members, with whom he had been on intímate terms Lor many years. When he returncd home he said nothingof any ieeling of illness, though he expressed himself as being a little exhausted from the clitnb up the stairs leading froin the strect to his house, which is on a high terrace. Ditd While Tnlking to His Wife. He sat down and obatted withhis wife about the women at the convention, telling of various things that tíad been said ivnd done. Suddenly hegasped, clapped his hand to his hcart and teil back unconhMous. A doctor was hastily summonert, Had arrived in a few moments, but his cfforts to revive Mr. Douglass were hopeless from the first. Wiihin twency min nte6after the attack the faint motion of the hcart ceased entirely and the great exslave statesman was dead. Mr. Douglass leaves two sona and a daughter, the children of his Hrst wife. His second wife, who is white woinaii, survives hiin. His Marriage of White Womau. The story oL his second marriago is r romantic ono. Miss Helen Pitts, whom he married, was a New Eugland woman of middle age, a clerkin the office of the recorder of deeds of the District of Columbia when Douglass was appointed to that office. She was a memte of a litorary society to which he belonged. They wero thrown much together and flnally becauie engaged. Her relativos opposed the uuion bitterly on account of his color, but iinally yieided to force of circumstanee.-;. Soine of Ihem have for some time hsen living near the Douglass hume on Anacostia Heights.


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