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Bismarck And Crispi

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Tbe cloo friendship between Orispi wid Bismarck, which is of 20 yenrs1 standing, is one of the mof'( rimarkablo relations I know and is sufficient prooi of Crispi's valué. Crispí is aacnsed, bui only by people who do not know liiiu, of aping Bismarck, but a glauoe at of his portriiits will show tbat uature had provided the siniilitudo before either knew the othor. The type of charaoter is tho saniu. The strongly ïunrked jaw, the spac.iou:i brain, the eye that looks you throngii ike a lance aud yet is fnll of affect iouate weloome ac ïieed, and the expressiou of intluxibility in pursuit, are cominos to both, as is also the high appreciatioa of anthonty and discipline, but beyoud this there is little resem blance, and their poütical ideas differ elitirely. Crispí has been accused of being dictatorial. In his official relations he iw peremptory and exaoting, and his ideao of goverunient are imperativa, but no [talian minister bas ever done so mucb to put power out of the hands of the ministry as he, or has showu so scrupulous an adherence to the letter of tha sonstitutioniü law. He is a deniocrat oí the strongest lye, but the king bas never had a minister soabsolutely defereistial to him as head of the state, rarely one so profoundly respectful to him as the symbol of law and the seat of authority. The conception of a dissension between him and the crown is impossible to any one who knows him, and iiiis his majesty recognizes. Crispí has the fidelity and the individnality belouging to his Skipetar blood, and all its wild independence; Bismarck, the overweening masterliness of his Prnssian stock. They are alike in their patriotism, but as unlike as possible in their way of uuderstandiug it, as in their relation to their Bovereign.


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