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Tobey Green is poundmaster of this city. j Coasting has been very popular j here this year. There is talk of the Light Infantry taking their play to Adrián. Attend the third ward caucus, j Monday evening, at the court house. The republican senatorial convention will be held in Jackson, March 2. A camp of Modern Woodmen of America is being organized in this city. Attend the second ward caucus, Monday evening, at M. Staebler's store. Fraternity lodge, F. & A. M., has work on the second degree this evening. Chris. Weinmann, of Staebler's grocery, feil and brok i his arm, Monday evening. The Frieze Memorial organ is in debt yet. It will take $4,000 to finish paying for it. Be sure to attend the fifth and sixth ward caucuses at the engine houses, Monday evening. The ladies of the Trinity Lutheran church give a social in the parlors of the church this evening. The house of J. J. Parshall, on Jefferson street, recently damaged by fire, is being repaired. Represe ntative Kempf has two more bilis in the legislature amending the charter of Ann Arbor. Prof. B. M. Thompson will lecture before Unity club next Monday evening on "The English Exchequer." Mrs. Catherine Sutter, of North Main street, died last Sunday of general debility, aged eighty-three years Rev. ü. Clarson, of Milford, lectures on "The Characteristics of the Irish People," in St. Thomas' church, next Sunday evening. The Gradúate club meets at the residence of Prof. Hinsdale at 7:30 totnorrow evening. Dr. Vaughan will address the club on "Immunity." H. W. Douglas read a paper, Wednesday, before the annual meeting of the Michigan Gas association in Detroit on "The Heating Effect of Artificial Light." An auction sale of farm stock, implements and household goods will be held at the Bisbee homestead, three and a half miles northeast of Ann Arbor, on Thursday, February 28. Read the cali for democratie county convention. David Rinsey is having his residence finely decorated. Kighty more lockers have been ordered for the gymnasium. The Ann Arbor Light Infantry will be inspected next week. Remember the democratie ward caucuses next Monday evening. First ward democratie caucus at office of E. B. Norris, Monday evening. Frank Riley paid $4 fine and costs to Justice Pond yesterday for being drunk. Fourth ward democrats will meet in caucus at Firemen's hall, Monday evening. Judge Noah W. Cheever has been nominated for regent by the state prohibition convention. Maria F. Seeger died Wednesday at he-r residence on Chapin Street, aged seventy-three years. About a hundred students are expected to attend the Michigan club banquet this evening. Rev. Dr. L. R. Fiske, president of Albion college, preaches in the M. E. church next Sunday. Jacob Lutz, who has been running a branch store in Saline, is back in the J. T. Jacobs Co. again. W. F. Bird read a paper this week before the Ühio State Horticulttiral society on the subject, "Shall We Eat Apples?" Miss Minnie Klump, of Manches ter, who has been under treatment at the hospital, died Saturday, aged eighteen years. The Washtenaw County Suuday School association holds its annual meeting in the Chelsea Congregatianal church, March u. The Gesang-verein Lyrawill commence practicing in a week or so for the opera "Mikado" which they will give here in the near future. Morris Nash, of üexter, has sued ex-Sheriff Brenner for $225, the price of property sold on execution for which the sheriff was not paid. The Hausfreund-Post is booming judge Harriman for senator and thinks his experience in the legislature of California would come in good play. Mrs. John Neumann celebrated her fifty-second birthday last evening, on which occasion she was surjrised by the ladies' society of fJethlehem church. The Ann Arbor ürgan company s putting in a seventy-five horse jower engine. This has been made necessary by a contract with a Chicago company to furnish them 600 organs a year. Hon. A. J. Sawyer was chairman of the committee on permanent organization and order of business at the republican state convention. Capt. E. P. Allen made the speech nominating Judge Kinne. Fifty-one of the ladies' society of Berhlehem church went out to the residence of Mrs. Barbara Steeb in Pittsfield, Tuesday, and while there they were all weighed; the heaviest weighed 197 pounds and the lightest weighed 95 pounds. It cost each ten cents for the privilege of being weighed, except the heaviest and the lightest and they were obliged to pay 25 cents. The proceeds, $5.40, went to the church building fund. W. W. Wedemeyer is the republican nominee for commissioner of schools over in Washtenaw. He is said to be a promising young man of ability, whose ambition has far outgrovvn his whiskers, who hopes by the trinomial "W" of his name, to supplant the present very competent and experienced incumbent of the office - Mr. Cavanaugh. We are not makiner brags on politics just now, especially on Washtenaw politics, with its 2,000 majority recorded for Gen. Spaulding. Hut we will say to you, W. W. W., that the democrats of W county ought to W un, in doublé quick time, for the educational good of the county.- -Adrian Press. Tramps are now confined in Ann Arbor's city lock up. In the morning if they saw a certain quantity of wood, they get a breakfast. Two of them made trouble last week. They saw the wood but they wooden saw it. They saw the marshal and saw the saw. The marshal saw that they saw the saw and saw the wood, and saw that they didn't saw what they ought to saw, but told them he saw no way for them to get a lamb chop until they saw fit to saw the wood they saw, with the saw they saw. They saw Attorney Sawyer who saw the 'mayor, and the tramps were given a sausage, and the last the marshal saw of them they were headed for Saugatuck. - Adrián Press. The two new iron stairways for University hall are being erected. A number of the members of the Y. M. C. A will attend the meeting ,n Northville this evening. John Flynn was fined $1 and $3 :osts by Justice Gibson for sol;it ng passengers at the depot. Asa B. Nash, of Ypsilanti, was aefore Justice Pond, Wednesday, tor being drunk. It cost him $5. Prof. B. M. Thompson lectures before the Unity club, Monday ïvening, on "The English Ex:hequer." The annual address before the S. C. A. will be delivered in University hall, Sunday evening, by Bishop N. S. Rulison, of Pennsylvania. Christopher T. Donnelly has purchased the Saunders' property on Ann street, between Fi'th avenue and División, and will erect a residence for himself on it. The board ot public works, Wednesday evening, took another ballot on street commissioner, standing Clark 1, Weeks 1, the same as before, Mr. Clark not voting. Dr. W. F. Breakey will address the Bible class in the M. E. church next Sunday on "Healthful Physical Life Essential to the Best Mental, Moral, Social and Religious Life." A telegram was . received this morning announcing the death of Mrs. T. J. Tuomey, at Kansas City. The deceased was the mother of Wm. Tuomey, of this city, J. C. Tuomey, Mary Tuomey and Mrs. E. B. Diss. Interment in Dexter. An ice track has been cleared on the river, and the owners of fast horses will have a chance to speed their horses on the srnooth, clear ice. The track is three rods wide and 120 rods long. C. J. Snyder is doing the work, which is paid for by contributions from those who own fast horses and those who like to see them go.


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