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Look at the parlor set in Martin Haller's window, made in his establishment; pnce $55, will be sold at $42 . All other sets in same proportion. Fancy rockers and divans also come in on this sale. Far overcoats at Fred Theurer's. Large assortment of stable blankets, cheap, at F. Theurer's. [ -_ - If the Baby is Cutting Teeth Be sure and use that nld and wp'l-triod veinedy, Mr. Winslow'S Soottunq Mvi:r tor cb'idren teethins Tt 81 otlies tho Child, softons the gnms, allayp all pain, cures wind (.■olie and is the best 1 nieay for diarrtioea. Twenty-flve cents 1 boitle. Don 't Tobacco Spit or Smoke Your Life Away ." The truthful, sturtlinK title of a hook about No-io-bao. the only harml. sa, tjiuwnitieed tbacco habit cure. Ií you want to iiuit and can't, use "No-to-bac." Hraees ópDlcotinized nerves, elioiinates nicotine ixnsons, makee weak men gain strenxth, weiiiht and vlgof. l'ositiye cure or mnni-y refunded. Sold by II .f. Brown, drutrgist. Rook at drupsist, or malled free. adre The Sterli g Kemedy Co., Chicago otliee 4.ri Kandolph St. ; New ïork, 10 Spruce it. Estáte of Ann Maria Alchln. KT ATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTY of At :i session of the Probat" Court for the. Oomityof Waahtenaw, holden at the Probate Oftiee in the city of Ann Arbcr, on Tlmrsday, the 2lst day of Februury, in the vcnr lliousand eight hundred nnd mnety-liif. " Present, J. Willard Kahtutt, Jude it Probate In the matter of the efctalt: of Ann Marki AU'hiu.decci.Beil. Kdwnnl A. Alchin. fxecutor ol the lat will anl testament ol iit deecnsed, comes i)Ho oourt and representa thut he is now prepared torender I) is final account ns sueh executur, TbereupouitiBOr.ieredthaiTuesday the]9ihi:iy of MSürcb uext, at icn o'cloek ín the fnreoonn, ntisijined tor examiuing and allowiDg Buch ocuvDiandthatttaedeviaeea.legateesand deirs-at-law ul'eaid deceated, and uil otber persons inteiestcd in said estáte, are reqiureil to appenr at a session of said oourt, then to be holden at the Probate oliice, iv the city of Aun Amor, in ni eountv and how cauee, if any Ibere be why lile saiü account should not be allowed. And it is further ordered that said excutor Kive notice to tbc personsinteiented iu said estáte, of the pendeutjy of said at'CouDtand tbelieariugtheTeof. liy CiiusinK a copy of thisonler to be publisbcd in tbe Ann Arbor Arjrus, a newspaper printtd nd circulu log in said county.three suecesbie weeka pie-ious to aid dav of hearing. .1. WILLARD BABBITT. Judge of Probate. (A true eopy.) Wii.liam (.;. Dotv. l'ruh -te Itegisler.