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HEART DISEHSE 30 YEARS! Short Breath, Palpitation. Mr. G. W. McKinsey, postmastcrof Kokomo, Ind., and a brave ex-soldier, aays: "I had been severely troubled with heart disease ever since leaving the army at the close of the late war. I was troubled with palpitatioa and shortness of breath. I could not sleep on my left side and had pain around my heart. I became so ill that I was much alarmed, and fortunately my attentlon was called to Dr. Miles' Heart Cure I decided to try it. The flrst bottle made a decided improvement in my condition, and flve bottlcs have completely cured me." G. W. McKINSEY. T. M., Kokomo, Ind. Dr. Miles' Heart Cnre is sold on a positive puarantee th;it tho tirst bottle will benefit. All drusgists sell lt at $1, 6 bottles for$5, or it will besent, prepaid, on receipt of price by tho Dr. Miles Medical Co., Êikhart, Ind. Sold by Drug:8rl8ts Everywhere. AHEAD OF ALL MAGAZINES Ihin roimiyij nis geen. - Albany Argus. IN THE ÍORTK AMERICAN icVIEW are always found The Right Topics, By the Right Men, At the Right Time The Nobth American Review is recogni,el cm bot h sides of the Atlantic as the foreinost Review in the English language, and no expeuditure is spared iu maintaining it in its unrival)ed position. The Review is the raoutliDiece of the men and women wlio know most about the great topics on which Americans requTre and desire tobe informeel from mouth to nioutli. lts list of contributors forms a roll of the representative men and women of the age. Subjects that concern the interest of AMERICAN WOMEN receive constant and special attention. Among topics recently discussed are: "Women Suffrage In Practico" : "The Renaisanceof Woman"; "Woman in Politics": "The New Aeptct of the Woman Question," and "The Modern Giil," bv the autbor of "The Heavenly Twins"; "Thei'utureof Marrlage"; "Evils of E'irly Marrlages"; "The Servant Sir) of the Future"; 'The Financial Dependcnce of Women" i "Trades-Unions for Women"; '"The Laak of Good Servan ts": American Life and Physical Deterioration": "Good and liad Mothers"; "The Tyranny of tlie Kitchen"; "The Amateur Nui'se"; Mark Twain's Defenseof Harrlet Shelly etc, etc. A NEW FEATURE FOR 1895. The Rkvikw wili putlish Ia 12 chapters, beKlniiinï with the January number, the Personal Hlstory of the Seoond Empire, a hiatorical work of ansurdassed importance, which will throw a llood of new Hgbtuijou the ebequered career of Napoleon III , and the inHnences which led to the oallapscof hls Empire in the irlgantlo struggle wlth unitcd Gerunanj-, under Wilhelm I. and liis Iron Chancellor. It isas fascinatirifr as a romance, bei ns richly anocdoral and fu.l of Information drawn from BOurces hitherto Inacceselble, uresented In the sraphlc and vlvncious stylc wfiich 'The Kniirlishman m I'aris." by the same author, has made familiar to thousandsof readers. 50 Cents a Copy; $5.00 a Tear. The North Americau Review, 3 Kust I4tli St., ?e-k Vork. P B.NOKR1S ATTOKNEY AT 1,AW. Does a jreneral luwcoHeetionand conveyanclag butanos. A moderate 6hare nf cour tatronniro respectfullv snlieited. (Jfflep, 1B E Huron Street, uiistairs. fTIRE INSURANCE. CHRISTIAN MACK, lftvt tul the ioüowm.k Flïl ClftBH CoiupKiiicJ reprefle&tlog ovei twenty-eig-bt Million !n]l!irh i-iei_a, ihsuoe poiiAa at tb1 lowMt ratei v55tna of Hartford $9,192,644.00 Franklin of I'liila 3,118,713,00 Germaniaof N. V 2,700,729.00 American of N. Y. 4,065,968.00 Lontion Assurance. Lond'n 1,416,788.00 Michigan F. &M., Detroit 287,608.(0 N. Y. Underwriters, N. Y. 296,679.00 National, Hartford 1 ,774,505.00 Phenix. N . Y &,769,03ft.00 "Spjltti ..nenuoi iv.u mj tiio insurance uf ■vu!iu:. school. rjnir-iiMB fi i . i ! puhlir builcUne:! n ?.- i-Tj . of thrno mmI tli. vtHrn JCaveats, and Ïrade-Marks obtaincd and all Pat-J ent business conductcd for Moderate Fees. 5 i Our Office isOpposite U.S. Patent Office j and we can secure patent ia icss time than thoseS Jrcmote from Washington, 5 Send model, drawing or photo., with descrip-f Stion. We advise, f patentable or not, (ree of J Jcharge. Our fee not due till patent is secured. i S A PAMPHLE.T, "How to Obtain Patents," withj Jcost of sauie in the U. S. and foreign countriesj Jscnt free. Addresst C.A.SNOW&CO. OM. PATENT OrFICt, WASHINOTON, D. C. Í


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