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Drying Stove Wood

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Oliio Farmer gives an illnstration of drying green stove wood in winter. It simply cousistsin piliug the wood "cobhouse" fashio, the sticks being piled in pentagon or hexagon form, the Jatter being the best, the piles beiag built as high asone canreach. The piles maybe in a doublé rank, with corners just touching, so as to give mntual support, and wide boards may be placed on top of each rowslantiüg outward soas to shed the rain away from the wood. Bark may bo used or the top of each püa finisheri with wood laid close with a rapid slope toward the onter side of the pile. Even without cover wood laid up in auoh piles dries very rapidly, wind, snn and air is well as froBt having full cbanoe at, aoh stiok. Piled as iüustrated, ;ill the dryïhg f orces of nature exoppt extreme beat have full sway, and it is possibieto have tolerably dry wood in Maroh even it' not split until the leiuro of Doeem her.


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