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"light Horse Harry" In Saddle

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Feb. 25, 1781, was the date of "Light Horse Harry" Lee's noted enouiiter with a band of renegade loyalists at Haw, S. C. Lee's legión resem bied in dress and equipment Tarletoii's infamons legión of loyalists. By inducing tlio country folks to believe that his band had been sent by Cornwallis to re-enforce Tarlcton, Lee rpurched unchallenged toward tbe oamp of the atter, near tho river Haw. Mesting au aid of one Colonel Pylo.who, with a deíacbmentof genuine leyalists, was looking for Tarleton's camp, Lue kept up the fieceptiou and fouutl out Pyle's plans. He then coolly sent the aid back to Pyle nu der escort of his owii pseudo loyalists to ask his oliief to witbdraw trom tlio rpad and allow the Cornwallis' detacliineiit to pass. Leaving ono company bübind, bo then p ïi s h e tl abead, overtnkingPyle's command, a i d for a signal to his followei's advanccd aiid ed a hand to the conrteons colonel. At the sauiñ moment Pyle's men recognized the patriot legión and opened flre. The columna being parallel and at close quarters, the sabers of the lfgion were quicker in execution thau the mnskets of the loyalist. They ent down 90 of Pylp's men and wouoded scores besides. Pyle ran away, bnt was al'terward taken, and Tarleton reaeived wamiDg in time to move across the Haw. "Fortune, the capricious goddess, gave us Pyle and saved Tarleton, :' was the terse language of "Light Horiie Harry" annonncing his exploit at headquarters.


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